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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Right to Own Assault Rifles

A lot of State propagandists say "Why would someone need an assault rifle? Only a criminal would want an assault rifle." This is justification for banning them.

The reason you own an assault rifle is not protection from small-scale criminals. Assault rifles are needed when the secret police come to kidnap you. With no-knock raids for nonviolent statutory crime, police behave like an occupying army rather than protectors of freedom.

With an assault rifle, the average person can fight at near-parity with professional soldiers. That is the value of an assault rifle. A gun ownership ban is a key component of a dictator's control plan.

If the President announced "Let's round up all the small business owners and send them to death camps!", that would obviously be evil. Instead, regulations are passed that cripple small businesses. If the cost of regulation compliance is $X, a fixed cost, then large corporations have a huge advantage over small business.

One at a time, small business owners are rounded up and sent to jail, rather than jailing them all at once. Under the guise of "Rule of law!", State parasites steal from small business owners. The State thug says "I'm just enforcing the law!", without realizing that the law he's enforcing is wrong.

That helps disguise State evil. The secret police don't round up and arrest everyone all at once. Kidnapping one person at a time is much more efficient. The law is so vague that any person could be considered a criminal.

If you're the only person who violently resists the State aggression, you're throwing your life away for nothing. If everyone did it, then the scam would rapidly collapse. Right now, due to the superior resources of the terrorists, stealth and nonviolent resistance are the best options.


George Donnelly said...

A fine post. However, are you saying there are only two options: that one either resist alone or that he resist in collaboration with all other human beings (perhaps in a given area)?

FSK said...

Resistance alone is stupid. You'll be surrounded and sieged and murdered/kidnapped.

Resistance in a group is better. Resistance does not need to involve everyone living in an area. By the time that's practical, the State has lost anyway.

For example, if you're the only one refusing to pay property taxes, then State thugs will steal your home. If a lot of people are doing it, then it's a bigger problem. If there's a private police force that can defend against the State police monopoly, then it's all over anyway.

If you tried training a group of 100-1000 or more free market police, you'll attract the attention of the State police. It isn't easy. Plus, undercover State spies may infiltrate your group.

Scott said...

Good article and I agree. One point should be made that the term "assault rifles" was set up to include what had been pretty normal and popular hunting rifles even, such as semi automatics.

It's fascinating that in many countries we deem unfree the right to keep and bear arms is absolute. Also interesting that many of these countries have been targets for occupation forces tasked with disarming the populace and establishing a "professional", globalist controlled police force.

Anonymous said...

FSK, I liked two points in your post.

1) "If the President announced "Let's round up all the small business owners and send them to death camps!" - This is what happened in the former Soviet Union. Just like you said any small business owner is breaking some obscure law that she had no idea existed. Technically it is possible to send all small business owners to prison and it would be absolutely legal.

2) "The State thug says "I'm just enforcing the law!", without realizing that the law he's enforcing is wrong."- Sometimes they also say "I am just doing my job". This kind of thinking has always amazed me. Are these people stupid(maybe some but not all)? Is it just how they justify themselves? Can they acknowledge even to themselves that what they are doing is wrong? Why is it so hard for them to say "I am being paid to rob/kidnap/harass you"?

Scott said...

Yeah anonymous highlighted some good points. When I first read "round up small business owners and send them to death camps" my first thought was "well that's a bit extreme example, kind of ridiculous" and then one second later I realized "oh wait that actually happened in a number of countries in the 20th century".

A lot of people I think hold back from criticizing the current system because they simply can not believe that what is underway and what is about to happen is happening.

Some astute ones have gotten out of town, just as astute jews left europe before things got crazy. It really is true that one can see the writing on the wall and that's not cynicism or paranoia.

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