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Thursday, August 26, 2010

State Prostitutes

This anecdote is frequently quoted:

Man: Will you have sex with me for $100M?
Woman: OK
Man: Will you have sex with me for $5?
Woman: Of course not. What type of woman do you think I am?
Man: I know what type of woman you are. Now, I'm just determining the price.
Consider an analogous situation. Suppose a State thug is arresting/kidnapping me for tax evasion or agorism.
FSK: If the law said "Murder all the Jews!", would you say "It's the law. I have to enforce it. I'm just doing my job."?
State thug: Of course not!
FSK: Why are you kidnapping/arresting me?
State thug: It's the law. I have to enforce it. I'm just doing my job.
FSK: I know what type of person you are. I'm just determining the price.
If the President went on TV and said "Murder all the Jews!", that would be obviously evil. In a democracy, any non-Jew could rationally vote for "Murder all the Jews!" Most actual laws are just as silly.

The President doesn't declare "Operating a small business is illegal!" Instead, there's a bunch of taxes and regulations that cripple small business. Under the guise of "Rule of law!", this theft is enforced by thugs "just doing their job".

If the police murder their victim, that's obviously evil. State thugs usually try to kidnap the victim alive. If you put someone in prison for 10+ years, that's superficially less evil than killing someone. You're still stealing a huge chunk of the victim's life.

If the law was "Everyone has to work for the government 2.5 days per week!", that would obviously evil. Via income taxes, the net effect is the same. Stealing someone's labor via taxes is literally stealing their life. The wage cattle get an illusion of freedom, so they're more productive slaves. Working directly for the State, my productivity might be X. In the "free market", my productivity might be 10*X or more. State thugs steal more, by giving me a limited illusion of freedom.

The *LEAST* skilled workers are the ones working directly for the State. They have the most to gain from theft. The "clueless loser" body language of State thugs and bureaucrats is more obvious now.

If you're a highly skilled psychopath, you get a job as a hedge fund manager or as a lobbyist. If you're a low skill psychopath, then you work directly for the State. The least skilled workers have the most to gain from the State. They work for the State, and try to preserve the scam. If you're a skilled worker, you don't fear getting fired, because you get a new job. If you're an unskilled State parasite, then you're totally dependent on the State to earn a living.

I see some studies comparing "private sector pay" to "public sector pay". It might be *MUCH* worse than that, if the *LEAST* skilled workers are the ones working for the State!

By hiring the least skilled workers, the State extracts maximum loyalty from its thugs/bureaucrats.

I saw the inefficient State legal system while serving on jury duty. I was impressed by the gross incompetence of the bureaucrats and bailiffs. I was wondering "Am I really afraid of this?" Once State thugs make it a priority to kidnap and torture you, you're SOL due to their superior resources. The State has numbers but not skill.

I wonder if most State thugs are really cowards? They're just putting on an act.

State thugs are brainwashed "I'm just following orders!" If you have an army of people willing to obey orders without questioning them, then all sorts of evil becomes possible. The police, bureaucrats, and judges all say "I'm just following orders."

If you're willing to commit evil for a paycheck, you're a criminal. If I tried to hire an assassin, most people would agree that's a crime. State thugs do essentially the same thing, but that's acceptable. In effect, the IRS and FBI are a private army working for Lloyd Blankfein and other insiders.

Most people know "I was following orders." doesn't excuse crime if you're a concentration camp guard. Current abuses of the State are nearly as evil, but it's disguised via "Rule of law!" Via "color of law", crimes are made to seem acceptable or desirable.

Kidnapping/arresting someone and torturing/imprisoning them seems less evil than outright murdering them. It's still a crime.

Most State thugs are willing to perform evil, in exchange for a paycheck. Most of them are probably not consciously aware that they are performing evil, due to their pro-State brainwashing. Some of them are psychopaths, doing it on purpose. The scam of the State works, due to a carefully calibrated mixture of psychopaths and intelligent-but-duped people.


Anonymous said...

Yes and what "Type" of man is the man asking???I guess HE is a good person...LOL!

dionysusal said...

The world is one big Milgram Experiment. If you're not familiar with it, look it up. A full 67 percent of participants delivered what they thought was a lethal electric shock to a stranger just because an authority figure told them to do it. Scary stuff. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Great post! So true that police, bureaucrats, and judges all say "I'm just following orders." I have always wondered what are they thinking to themselves. Do they really believe that "they are just following orders?". To themselves they probably acknowledge that they doing something because of his/her six figure income. Without any other useful skills where else would they be able to make so much of an income? Would you FSK go out of line if you were almost guaranteed six-figure job for the rest of your life? Probably not. This is understandable as nobody should act against one's own interests.

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