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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Got a Virus - Antivir Solution Pro

My PC got infected with a virus. It's "antivir solution pro". It completely hijacks your PC. It begs you to go to their website and sign up. It redirects all your http requests to itself, so you can't even browse the Internet.

I managed to temporarily disable its proxy server. I then found a webpage before it re-hijacked my PC.

You have to start your PC in safe mode (press F8 while booting).
You have to kill the virus process.
You have to find the executable and delete it.
You have to remove the registry entries it created (probably superfluous once you delete the executable).

Just to be safe, I changed my gmail password.

I was playing a flash game while my PC got infected. It seems like it's hijacking a defect in Adobe's Flash player. I re-downloaded the latest Flash player.

I probably should use a real operating system instead of Windows. Most of my stuff is web-based now. Most of my programming is done in PHP.


Anonymous said...

Real men use FreeBSD.

Anonymous said...

If you must use Windows, surf the Internet using Microsoft Virtual PC. I believe Microsoft Virtual PC is free now, but you may have to pay to install the Windows operating system again.

If you don't want to uninstall Windows, install Microsoft Virtual PC and then install FreeBSD or Linux as a virtual pc.

VMWare produces a free product called VMPlayer. Some people say VMPlayer is faster than Microsoft Virtual PC.

The good thing about Microsoft Virtual PC is that you can turn on Undo disks, which means any changes to the operating system or file system are discarded when you shut down the virtual pc.

You are proofed from viruses that way to some extent.

Anonymous said...

or u could use deepfreeze :)
or use backtrack iso or vmware image in vmware as live operating system inside your OS you can also spoof Your Mac address(Macchanger command) and much more

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at