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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Ways and Means" or "Taxation and Extortion"

One common State parasite trick is to give an innocent-sounding name to something evil. One example of this is the House "Ways and Means" committee.

"Ways and Means" makes it sound like it's something good. However, this committee handles tax law. If they called it the "Taxation and Extortion" committee, that would be too obviously evil.

Charlie Rangel was the chairman of the House "Ways and Means" committee. There was a scandal. He was cheating on his taxes! There's two legal systems, one for insiders and one for non-insiders. If anyone other than an insider was caught hiding a lot of income, they would be prosecuted by the IRS.

Charlie Rangel was forced to resign as chairman, but not from the House. It's unclear whether he'll get penalized in the House ethics hearing, or if he'll just get a slap on the wrist.

Jon Stewart played an interview of Charlie Rangel on the Daily Show. A reporter asked "Are you concerned about not being reelected?" Charlie Rangel retorted "Don't be silly. I'm an influential incumbent Congressman. I'm insulted that you asked such a question." That sort of attitude makes me want to move to his district and run against him, but that would be a waste of my time. (Charlie Rangel's district is in Manhattan.)

Some people think that the IRS acts without the approval of Congress. That is false. The "Ways and Means" committee directly supervises IRS extortion. At any time, Congress could reform or abolish the IRS. Most Congressmen prefer to not be directly involved with tax collection. Otherwise, they might notice that government is evil.

Congressmen prefer to maintain the illusion that they don't know what the IRS is doing. This allows them to present themselves as heroic leaders.

That's the beauty of the State. If Congressmen had to personally assault non-taxpayers, they would obviously know the IRS is evil. That task is delegated to the IRS. IRS thugs are acting on behalf of Congress. They are all brainwashed to believe "It's the law! I have to enforce it!" By segregating lawmakers from enforcement, Congressmen don't have to get their hands dirty.

Most Congressmen won't question the tax collection system, because it's the source of their wealth and power. Without violence and the threat of violence, most people would not pay taxes. Congressmen prefer to ignore this point, so that they can think of themselves as heroes and noble leaders.

"The Ways and Means Committee" is an amusing name. It's really the "Taxation and Extortion Committee". State parasites always give noble-sounding names to evil things.


Anonymous said...

looks like the beginning of the end FSK

Goodbye Net Neutrality....

Hello blocking of sites like wikileaks by the state!

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom, a man on his way home from work was struck by a policeman with his baton and pushed to the ground during the G20 riots. The man was not part of the riots.

The man later died.

Photographs show the man's back was turned at the time he was pushed to the ground.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS = Can't Prosecute Satan) decided to wait well over a year before saying that can't prosecute for murder or manslaughter because medical evidence is conflicting and they can't prosecute for assault because the six month time limit has expired.

So this is horrible. The CPS won't prosecute a policeman for killing an innocent man because they waited over 6 months and the time limit for assault is 6 months!

Damian Green (government immigration minister) was on Question Time on BBC television. On it he said something to the effect of the fact the CPS makes these decisions, not government itself.

Well that's nice isn't it. It is the same principle you are saying. We would not vote for these clowns if we knew they were directly responsible for police violence and the decision not to prosecute the police.

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