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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vandalizing Terrorist Propaganda

It's election season again. There's no Congressional elections this year, but there are city/local elections.

I noticed all the campaign posters. I considered "I should make some 'Taxation is theft!' stickers and place them on the posters!" I'm not going to try that this time, but I may in the future. It'd be neat if other people tried it!

Once you realize the truth, a political campaign poster is as offensive as someone displaying a Nazi flag or a poster saying "**** you, slave!" A political campaign poster is an evil fnord saying "Your vote matters!" and "The problem is not the government violence monopoly. If you replace the current insiders with me, then things will get better!" A political campaign poster is a hidden and explicit advertisement for the State.

I noticed another evil fnord. Political campaign posters are always blue, which is a calming color. Very few other ads are blue. If I made "Taxation is theft!" stickers, I probably should make them with a red background to contrast with the poster.

Candidates always say "My opponent is a scumbag but I am a saint! The problem is not a fundamentally corrupt system, but corrupt individuals." After the election is over, the losing candidate gives a "concession speech", saying "The authority of the winner is legitimate!" Even the losing candidates are political insiders. They must ensure that the scam of the State continues.

Unfortunately, it might be risky to vandalize campaign posters with a "Taxation is theft!" sticker. The candidate's staff will almost definitely complain to the police. The police will almost definitely investigate, because the "victim" is an insider. If I have a wage slave job, I can't afford to spend a few days in jail; I'd lose my job!

On the other hand, the campaign workers might realize "WTF? Is taxation theft? Why did someone do that?" If it helps a couple of people realize the truth, then it's a good idea! The low-level campaign workers usually have the "abused productive" personality type.

"Taxation is theft!" is one of those ideas that "radical homegrown terrorists" believe. Could I be detained indefinitely as an "enemy combatant" for distributing such stickers?

Also, I couldn't promote my website on such a sticker. That would make it too obvious to the State police that they should harass me. Actually, I'm the #15 search result in Google for "Taxation is theft!" That's pretty good! It's for "Man with Assault Rifle says 'Taxation is theft!' Outside an Obama Event".

If I were attempting "Promote agorism via standup comedy!", then it'd be worthwhile to try that as a publicity stunt. Getting arrested and a short jail term would be good free publicity! However, there's no guarantee that a newspaper or any other popular website would carry the story. Getting arrested for something foolish like that would make the State police seem like the bad guys.

This sounds like a neat idea. I'm not trying it yet, but I might in the future. If anyone else decides to try this, let me know how it goes! If other people do it, then it's less risky for me to also do it! I also considered putting the stickers up on other pro-State advertisements on the subway and elsewhere.


George Donnelly said...

Dude, what a great idea that sticker is!

I have been seeing this eyesore of "ME ME ME" posters springing up all around me. Ripping them down seemed inelegant but your idea rocks!

Wanna go in on some stickers with me? Know where you can buy such things cheaply in bulk?

I will fund at least the first 1000 stickers if you do it. You can have 500 and I will take 500.

I would not touch the signs that are on non-stolen property but many of the ones around here are on government property, ie stolen, unowned property.

Who's in?!

FSK said...

It's 25 sheets for $8 on
You should be able to afford that investment. I just searched for "red address label". You could also use plain white address labels.

It's easy enough to make the stickers if you have a printer. If you have a laser printer, watch out for the "secret identification dots". Inkjet printers don't seem to have them.

If I were going to do it, I'd just spend the $8. If I were attempting "promote agorism via standup comedy", I might hand out some such stickers at my performances.

I'm not doing it this election season, but I probably in the future.

I don't see why you should be concerned about "owned/unowned" property. If a lawyer owns a house, it's paid via stolen property; does he really own it? Most people with political ads on their lawn are themselves insiders.

Anonymous said...

The stickers are too small. I think we need to put up our own signs, door hangers and what not. I'm going to think this over some more and then write about it.

This is something that can start now and run indefinitely, for every election cycle and between them two.

Thanks for the spark FSK!

Anonymous said...

this would be very effective and humorous. At worst, you would make some people smile on their way to work.

gilliganscorner said...

this would be very effective and humorous. At worst, you would make some people smile on their way to work.

I can't think of a better way to cause the politicians to freak out.

For example, if a sign was vandalized or defaced in some way, the local newspapers would report it as, "Election signs defaced by vandals".

However, if you put "Taxation is Theft!" on their campaign signs and were indiscriminate as to what candidate from what political party, this would cause their heads to implode.

If it gained enough traction, you would see the political/mainstream media cartel come out swinging with articles related on their justification of themselves and their theft as essential for the "common good", "general welfare, "social contract", or other such disingenuous disinformation. The spin would be ratcheted up in high gear. Carefully censored "man on the street" interviews would appear, etc.

It would be a worthwhile psychological experiment to see the public reaction. Would their pro-State brainwashing shut down their critical thinking? Unfortunately, only the State sanctioned answers would make it to print/news.

Still worthwhile though.

Anonymous said...

I created a QR code that's easily pasted everywhere government is found, printing it out and wheatpasting it over stuff should be easy and would get the word out, but I'm sure other groups would copy the idea, so it's key to get first-mover advantage while it's a novel idea:

Text is:

"Technology has superceded the state. Free yourself. Implement market anarchism now!

[link to wikipedia article on market anarchism]

Should be low-risk to distribute widely, especially since it's not human-readable, wear gloves, put it places there aren't any cameras, avoid printers that have micro-printing that can be linked back to you, etc.

Please get the word out, thanks.

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