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Monday, October 26, 2009

Strategic Information Leaks

This story was interesting. A general sent a confidential report to Obama saying "US troop levels in Afghanistan should be increased!" Someone leaked the report to the press.

Who is the main beneficiary of this leak? President Obama and the military/industrial complex benefit from the leak!

If President Obama said "I'm increasing troop levels in Afghanistan!", then he would be the bad guy. People would say "WTF? Why is this war still going on after 8 years?"

Suppose a confidential report is leaked saying "More troops are needed in Afghanistan!" Then, President Obama announces that he is sending more troops to Afghanistan. Now, President Obama is the good guy when he is "forced" to send more troops to Afghanistan.

The leaked report creates a public demand for more troops in Afghanistan. Then, Obama is merely following public opinion when he sends more troops. The mainstream media says "OMFG!! We need more troops!!" instead of "This is a waste of time and money and lives. Accept the loss and move on."

My initial reaction when I read this story was "HAHAHAHA!! Obama leaked this story on purpose!" Of course, Obama did not order it directly himself. His assistants are smart enough to figure out on their own that leaking this story is a good idea. Someone will be scapegoated and blamed for the leak. The deeper question of "WTF is going on with the boondoggle in Iraq and Afghanistan?" will not be addressed.


fritz said...

I think you have a natural gift for seeing the real picture FSK. This report could have remained out of the public forum but was intentionally released.

But why??? Is the press just another arm of the government?Is the true integrity of unbiased reporting compromised?

It would seem so. But how have we come to this? Seems like its building up even faster and stronger.


CorkyAgain said...

"Is the press just another arm of the government?"

The answer depends on how you define the "press".

I tend to think of FSK's blog,, etc., as part of the press -- defined loosely as a public source of information and opinion.

But if "the press" means only those organizations and reporters whose main function is to package up and publish whatever propaganda, lies and nonsense the government hands them (officially or unofficially), then yes, it's a de facto branch of the government.

How has it come to this? Power, money, sycophancy, going along to get along, etc.

mdeals said...

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This Blog Has Moved!

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