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Monday, October 19, 2009

David Letterman Fnord

I'm very offended by the latest scandal surrounding David Letterman. Allegedly, he had a sexual relationship with a woman who worked for him. Someone else found out about the relationship, and attempted to extort from him, threatening to publicly disclose the relationship. The attempted extortionist was arrested, but the scandal was publicly disclosed.

Do you see the evil fnord?

The evil fnord is "Having an exclusive sexual relationship with someone is mandatory!" Why doesn't David Letterman say "Yeah, I ****ed her, and we enjoyed it!"? Just once, I'd like to see a celebrity involved in a sex scandal publicly say "So what? Monogamy is unnatural! If you were an awesome celebrity like me, wouldn't you lay as many people as you could?"

The whole mainstream media discussion of the Letterman scandal is an evil fnord, designed to promote "It's wrong to have multiple sexual partners!" Why is it immoral to have multiple partners? From what I read, the woman consented to the relationship with David Letterman. What's the problem?

I'm starting to realize "I guess monogamy really is unnatural, if there's that many evil fnords promoting monogamy!" Monogamy is evil because it derives from the concept of having another person as your property. Also, "Monogamy is unhealthy!" also might be true. As long as you handle "risk of pregnancy" and "risk of sexually transmitted disease", then there's nothing wrong with having multiple partners.


Joel Laramee said...

Methinks you go a little too far. :-) I am a married American, who has made a voluntary agreement with my spouse that neither of us will have sex with other people. I bet you have at least one or two married American friends? Do you honestly believe everyone who is in a monogamous relationship (married or not) is engaged in something unhealthy?

You are normally very tight in your logic. You are so loose in your logic on this point ("maybe monogamy is unhealthy, because there is a historical link between marriage and the treating of women as property"), that I'm not going to bother pointing out the weaknesses, unless you want me to.

George Donnelly said...

I think monogamy might be unnatural as well. But I'm a man, so of course I think that!

Paula S said...

I agree that monogamy is probably not normal and that's it's ok to have several sexual partners as long as you're doing it responsibly and responsibility includes being honest with everyone involved so that every person knows where they stand and that they are aware that they aren't the only one you're having sex with.

Unknown said...

Great insite in this and your other posts. Good to read intelligent argyments for a change. Thanx GMK

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