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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel War Prize

President Obama was awarded the Nobel "Peace" Prize. That puts him in an elite group with heroes like Henry Kissinger.

It makes sense when you realize the truth is inverted. The Nobel "Peace" Prize is really the Nobel War Prize.

Obama has done an excellent job of continuing the pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has provided the illusion of change, while insiders continue to loot and pillage.

President Obama is doing a great job, and for that he should be respected.


theftthroughinflation said...

Its funny how perception of reality is so much more important than truth.People precieve social medicare to be ideal because it plays on their emotions. Obama seems like a great guy "because he is good at talking!". So what? I hate to bang an old drum but Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest public speakers EVER and he was even times man one the year. I would argue that even being a bad president Bush may have been better than Obama because in general he was more genuine. It wasin't hard to figure out what was bullshit and what wasint. Its funny all the people who were so "clever" to call out Bush are too stubborn in their support for Obama they get agressive when you suggest he is full of shit. Maybe subconsiously they know he is a farce but are too proud to admit they fell for it.

Kiba said...

Nobody believe the Obama peace prize shit this time around.

Anonymous said...

Obama (Bush in blackface when it comes to war/liberty), if he weren't so narcissistic, would have made the best tactical political move he could have made -- politely declined the award.

The Nobel committee jumped the shark way back in 1919 with their "peace" prize award of that year.

This Blog Has Moved!

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