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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is it Racist to Criticize Obama?

This story is amusing. There's a new evil fnord phrase circulating. "If you criticize President Obama, then you're a racist."

That's so obviously stupid. Can't they come up with a better lie than that?

It should never be immoral to say "The President's proposed law is stupid." It's the job of the media and other politicians to say "Is this a good law or a bad law?" Pro-State trolls treat the President like a deity.

A real leader never is offended by criticism, either genuine or trolling. Parasitic fake leaders get offended by genuine criticism.

Racism is an evil fnord that divides and controls people. Most slaves think in terms of "group A against group B". The only real division is "parasite class vs. productive class".

There's one nice feature of the healthcare reform "debate". It's obvious to a lot of people that more government control of healthcare will be a disaster. The heathcare reform "debate" is helping promote anti-State attitudes.

The real reason that healthcare is expensive is the AMA/State licensing cartel and other regulations. The problem is not "too much free market". The problem is "too little free market". Neither side of the mainstream healthcare debate says "Government licensing requirements for doctors are damaging!" or "The supply of doctor licenses should be increased!"


fritz said...

well,,even if a person is racist and criticizes the president. Doesn't mean the criticism isn't justified.
I mean 150 years ago these people were slaves. Now we have one as president. Just shows that things are changing.
And if you cant keep pace with change you will surly Die.


Anonymous said...

> The only real division is "parasite class vs. productive class".

So you're an anarchist. But don't you think that personal property is another form of power and needs to be abolished?

CorkyAgain said...

I admit, I haven't been paying much attention to the political news. Has Obama ever come out and condemned the way the left is smearing their opponents as racists?

Or has he handled the way he did during the primaries (saying things that make it *seem* like he disagrees, but also not saying that the people doing the smearing should stop)?

Unless and until I hear that he's condemned the practice in no uncertain terms, I'll continue to believe that it's being orchestrated by him or people close to him in his administration.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at