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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Concession Speech

One of the stupidest rituals of the election cycle is the concession speech. What difference does it make? The outcome of the election was determined. Why is the loser required to support the winner?

Both political parties are not really competing. They merely alternate turns looting and pillaging. When most people get disgusted with one party, then the other one takes a turn. The losing party knows that their turn will come again in another few elections.

In a close election, the winner only has slightly more than 50% of the vote. When the loser supports the winner, he's saying "The winner's authority and power are legitimate, even over those people that didn't vote for him."

Suppose that, in 2000, Al Gore went around saying "President Bush's authority is not legitimate!" Then, people would start seriously questioning the role of government and the entire scam might be exposed. When Al Gore says "President Bush's authority is legitimate!", then he's endorsing all the bad things that government does.

In an election, the loser is required to publicly endorse the winner, lest the public start questioning the legitimacy of the State. The loser still has a lucrative career as a lobbyist or other elected office. The important thing is to keep the scam going, regardless of the specific figurehead that gets elected.


Anonymous said...

of course I agree. So there is a reason for the stupid ritual...which is to continue the scam.

Anonymous said...

If I was in a close election I would get up and say.

Yes I concede that I lost this election by 300 thousand votes out of more than 100 million. By virtue of our system that favors the uneducated who live in large cities over those who work all day long only to see massive ammounts of thier earnings taken away, I have lost. For those of you who supported me I ask that you do not capitulate. The values and principles I ran on are the true values I believe in, the values you believe in. Just becuase the other guy won does not mean that we need to accpet his judgement as the correct judgement. If that were the case you would have voted for him instead. You chose to support me and in doing so proved that this country is greatly divided over the direction it must go in.

This means that we do not know which direction we want to go. That means that our government has failed us by not governing in a clear direction. We have moved to the center in order to attract people who see no direction, and in so doing hold no consequence of action. If you do not know how to make a decision you should hold no right to cancel out those who do.

I am sorry that I failed nearly half the voters in this country. I failed because I wasn't as good as the other guy at making promisies I couldn't keep. See I care more about the promises I can keep. In the honesty of government. That is why I cannot endorse the victory of a candidate whose values are so far from my own and I urge you to reject him as your president. Just as the other side has done before. You have four years to increase your numbers. To make sure that your ideals are upheld. For this is a country where individual ideals should be held higher than the singular ideals of my opponent. For I want to give you back your power over your destiny and I thank you for your support. I only wish I would have done a better job of supporting your ideals, then perhaps I would be standing here in victory.

Mike Gogulski said...

McCain's speech was ridiculous. He sounded far more compelling as a big fat failure than he did as a contender.

fritz said...

When the government's boot is on your throat,whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence

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