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Friday, October 2, 2009

"It's All Republican Propaganda" Fnord

The idea "Taxation is theft" seems to be gaining popularity on the Internet. The idea "taxation is theft" is spreading. That isn't because it's propaganda. That's because it's true.

The idea "Taxation is theft" is spreading quickly enough that some people are starting to take notice. It's amusing to see the latest pro-State troll excuses for dismissing the idea.

I've been seeing a *LOT* of pro-State trolls saying, "'Taxation is theft!' is propaganda planted by the Republican propaganda engine to discredit Obama's healthcare reform proposal."

That seems exactly wrong. The Republicans like taxes as much as Democrats. Republican politicians enjoy looting and pillaging as much as Democratic politicians. Now that the Democratic parasites control Congress, Republican parasites are forced to accept a smaller share of the stolen booty. In a few years, the Republicans will control Congress again, and they'll be able to take a bigger share again.

There's no way that the Republican Party propaganda engine would deliberately be spreading the idea "Taxation is theft!" They'd be ruining their own gravy train.

It's amusing. The idea "Taxation is theft!" is spreading due to a *GENUINE* grassroots movement. In order to discredit it, people say "It's all Republican propaganda!" This allows a genuine grassroots movement to be discredited and ignored.

The Internet allows individuals to bypass the State propaganda engine. The truth is spreading. It's going to take awhile. Without the ability to spread the truth on the mainstream media, people must discover the philosophy of freedom one person at a time.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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