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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The True Purpose of Sexual Harassment Laws

A very interesting incident occurred at my new job.

I like writing about lots of different things. As usual, don't use the Strawman Fallacy to discredit me if you don't like this post. You should evaluate each idea independently.

I'm pretty sure I have "Asperger's syndrome" or "high functioning autism". There was another girl in another division of the company who seemed to also have "high functioning autism".

I said hello to her in the hallway. The first time I saw her, she was friendly. She told me approximately where her desk was. Eager to see her again, I went over to say hello. She seemed friendly. She was in a different division of the company, so there shouldn't have been any issues with me being friends or even more. I asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch one day.

The next day, I asked her what time she wanted to meet. She said she didn't want to meet. She said she was too busy. She also warned me that something horrible would happen if I came over to talk to her. She said that people can never have more than fleeting moments of intimacy, and true friendship is impossible. That's obviously an insane attitude. Her body language was clear that she was happy to see me.

She had the same disability as me, so I figured I should be persistent.

Since I was receiving contradictory feedback, I figured it's acceptable for me to ignore her verbal request to leave, because her nonverbal feedback was different. I argued with her over her attitude for a minute or two, and then she had to go back to work.

I decided to be persistent and keep trying. Normally, I would have given up, but I decided to try the opposite of my normal pro-State brainwashed strategy and be persistent. In the worst case, I would get fired and find a new job. Finding a new job is easier than finding a good girlfriend, so I'm willing to risk losing the job. It's a straightforward calculation.

One time, her boss was there. Since she was nice, naturally her boss was really abusive and evil. Her boss overheard that she had verbally asked me to leave. I pointed out that her body language didn't match what she was saying verbally. The evil bitch screamed "**THIS IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!**" and marched away in a huff to file a complaint with the HR department.

My coworkers all liked me. Obviously, such a complaint would seem frivolous.

It appears that the sexual harassment laws are *DESIGNED* to keep two intelligent people from getting together. The evil person abused the "due process" to file a frivolous complaint against me.

I then was called into a phone meeting with my boss, who's a decent guy, and someone from the HR department. The HR woman was also nearly pure evil. She said "We received a sexual harassment complaint. The names of 10 people were listed on the complaint. We won't tell you who did it. We find you guilty and demand you leave." She pretended to be interested in hearing my side of the story, but she had obviously already concluded that I was good and therefore deserved to be punished.

It was obvious to me that the evil boss had filed a false complaint. Either she fabricated other people's name on the complaint, or bullied them into signing off. The HR woman was also obviously a parasite. Nothing unites parasites in cooperation like an honest person!

The evil boss and evil HR woman were acting as if it would be the end of the world if I got together with that girl, who obviously had the same type of problem as me.

If the HR department ultimately rules against me and fires me, then all my coworkers, who know that I'm a decent guy, would simultaneously have a complete mental breakdown. This would make the Matrix obvious to everyone, and it would literally be the end of the universe.

Currently, the Matrix is now rocking in the vincinity of my current/former? job. Rather than risk ending the scam, the parasites will allow me a tiny victory so they can continue torturing everyone else.

Therefore, to prevent the universe from ending, the complaint must be resolved in favor of me. In the battle of good vs. absolute perfect evil, good sometimes scores some points. Actually, most of good's points so far were technically own goals by an incompetent absolute perfect evil.


fritz said...

Fsk I know that your intentions are good. But just remember that girls are fickle. The best way to stop this in the future would be the leave the door open policy. Tell them your interested,want to know more,and if they are interested this is how they can be in contact with you.

And leave it at that. For the longest time I used what is known as the machine gun approach. proposition any Hottie that comes along, leave it at that. and if they come back around you know that they are interested.see. if you put enough rounds down range, something is going to find a target.

Then after you hang out with them,,That's when you can better tell if that girl would be a long time match or not..

good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the last few paragraphs of your post. Are you just trying to be optimistic?

Worst case scenario, there won't be anything stopping you from asking her on a date! (Although I wouldn't. It seems as a 'geek' you would have learned that girls make no sense that way.)

Zargon said...

Also remember that some (most?) people aren't going to send consistent or correct body language. For example, she, like most people, could have been taught that you must be nice to everyone, all the time, even if you hate them. That training could be showing up in her body language.

Obviously, it's impossible for someone who wasn't there to tell what someone who sent contradictory signals actually wanted (sometimes it's even impossible for someone who was there), but it seems like a reasonable possibility that she really wanted nothing to do with you.

I don't understand how you came to the conclusion that they won't fire you. I think whether you get fired depends almost entirely on whether you're willing to act like you know you did something wrong, you're very sorry, and you'll never do it again. She's already decided you're guilty, as you've noted.

If you don't play the part, she'll either rely on her desire to show you who's boss or her HR training, both of which are going to tell her to fire you.

Weighing the benefits vs costs of that decision obviously can't be done by anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Women who file sexual harrassment complaints want everyone to see how desireable-yet unapproachable they are. This escape hatch is the approach-avoidance conflict. They also do not realize that the attraction is what drives the species, but they labor tirelessly to prepare the bait for any naive suitor since they fully realize their competition is hard at work doing likewise. If a man says something while alone in a forest, is he still wrong? I prefer to be thrown in the briarpatch.

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