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Monday, November 10, 2008

South Park Election News

I really liked last weeks South Park episode, covering the election. Sometimes, South Park has some really good fnords.

Obama and McCain are really members of a sophisticated criminal organization. However, the theft is much bigger than merely stealing a $300M diamond.

The purpose of the election is to keep people distracted, while insiders continue to loot and pillage. There will be the illusion of change, without any real change. Obama is not going to eliminate the Federal Reserve, income tax, and extensive State regulation of nearly every industry.

I also liked the bit where McCain lost to Obama on purpose. I thought that McCain was a particularly weak candidate, as if the election were intentionally lost to Obama. In the months before the election, McCain's body language said "I'm going to lose".

I read an article that said Obama uses subtle hypnosis/NLP techniques in his speeches. That's the result of coaching by his campaign advisers. They probably aren't even consciously aware that they're doing it. Such tactics no longer work on me.

In that episode, Obama and McCain were consciously aware that they were participants in a massive scam. In reality, Obama and McCain sincerely believe they're "looking out for the common good". If they didn't really believe it, then they wouldn't be convincing public speakers. There's a natural selection bias. If you don't believe "The State can make people's lives better!", then you don't work as a politician or lawyer. Anybody who believes "Big government is bad!" will rapidly get disgusted by a career as a politician or lawyer.

You don't become a mainstream candidate for President unless you're nearly thoroughly brainwashed as a pro-State troll. Obama sincerely believes he's doing the right thing. His advisers, who are controlled by lobbyists, are giving reasonable-sounding advice.

Lieberman was campaigning for McCain during the election, even though he's technically a Democrat. The Democrats needed McCain for their 51-49 majority. Now, the Democrats have a more solid majority, but not a filibuster-proof majority. The Democrats said they are going to strip Lieberman of his lucrative committee assignments, in retaliation for campaigning for McCain. Lieberman may switch parties.

For this reason, Ron Paul didn't run for President as the Libertarian candidate. Ron Paul could have had the Libertarian party's nomination, if he wanted it. In retaliation, the Republican party would have stripped Ron Paul of his committee assignments in the House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog for about a year but have never posted anything. i was going to ask if you had seen this. it was actually one of the first things i thought while watching the episode. i particularly enjoyed when they referred to themselves as "the world's greatest thieves club". i believe matt stone and trey parker are Big-L Libertarians.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this election is the beginning of the Global Socialist, or Globalist, endgame. All the pieces are being put into place.

Barack Obama's rise to power needed help from the influential few, the inner circle. His rise parallels the rise of almost every dictator that has taken power. In fact I believe Barack Obama to be a brutal dictator in the making. Every piece is there. He mirrors Stalin in nearly every aspect.

Obama is charismatic and hides his true extremist beliefs behind a guise of moderation. He talks as though he is working for the people when in truth he is really working for the elite globalists who paid for his ascent.

- The dictator manual -

When an economic crisis hits, whether made by true events or artificially generated by a few powerful entities, like the current crisis, the time is ripe for the rise of a dictator.

Step one is to control the media. The media has never been so behind a candidate. They have elevated Obama to mythic status. Even when he does wrong they will not report on it.

Step two take power. Accomplished last Tuesday. Obama was guaranteed the presidency with the creation of an economic crisis and near universal backing of the media. His agents also had free reign to create hundreds of thousands of free votes out of thin air to make sure he won the electoral college.

Step three - silence your critics. With the total takeover of the government by social progressives the "Fairness Doctrine" is a virtual lock to pass. The only vocal opposition to Obama in the media will be silenced.

Step four - remove uncirculated wealth. This is normally done through the creation of a new currency. Obama has an easy task because 30 years of progressive politics has already removed much of the uncirculated wealth held by the american public.

Step five - create a private army to enforce your ideals and laws. Obama has already said he is going to do this. He has over 30 million paid off peons who will carry out any wish. He also has the Farakan and the nation of islam to do his bidding.

Step six - secure your reign. With the ability to place any justice on the supreme court with almost guaranteed approval, Obama can place justices that will repeal the 22nd amendment allowing Obama to run for as many terms as he can win. With a 30 million strong voting block in his corner that will double over the next ten years, Obama has a lock on the presidency.


Obama will very quickly prove that he is a dictator. There will be nothing we can do to stop him. He is the first step in the globalist endgame.

The next step is outright government control of all business. This is happening now. Nearly all major US corporations can not exist without the government bailout. The Federal Reserve is in effect going to own everything.

Next will be the establishment of world bank control. This is being discussed at the next meeting between nations. What will be discussed is the creation of a global currency based on the dollar and a new gold standard. This will in effect dissolve all country borders. The wold bank will be put in charge with local governors/dicators in charge of provinces.

The proof is the price of gold. Everything should have pointed to gold skyrocketing in value. That has not happened. Why? well because real price fluctuations only happen when the few big players get involved. They are putting their money into paper currency, not hard assets. They are allowing the masses to transfer their paper money into hard assets for a future goal.

Soon the creation of a global currency and global reserve will be followed by a massive confiscation of hard assets. Anyone holding gold will be forced to turn it over for new global bills. That is why gold is declining in value and many nations have been dumping their stockpiles of gold. In a few years they will grab it all back and profit immensely in the process.

The final moves are being played. The endgame is now.

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