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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Free State Project Fallacy

I looked at the Free State Project (FSP) forum. It wasn't very interesting. There are more correct free market thinkers on than on the free state project.

The Free State Project appears to actually be a bunch of pro-State trolls. They still have the fantasy that government can magically be reformed by voting. By moving to the same area in a sparsely populated area, they hope to vote for a less intrusive government.

Most people on the Free State Project fall short of the correct conclusion, which is "Who needs a government?" When they change their name to the "No State Project", then I might take them seriously.

"Free" and "State" are opposite words. The "Free State Project" is like the "Vegetarian Slaugherhouse Worker's Association" or the "Anarchist and Statist Association".

If you want to convince me to move to an area for greater freedom, you need to offer me:

  1. No income taxes.
  2. No property taxes.
  3. No taxes at all.
  4. No enforcement of "victimless crimes".
  5. A credible plan for protecting yourself from terrorists who want to enforce any of the above.
All the plans I've seen that start with "Move here for greater freedom" seem to be missing the point. First, this is my home and I don't want to move. Second, there is no way that the statists would allow a small group of people in a remote area to have true freedom. They would be invaded, infiltrated, or otherwise shut down.

Unless the "Free State Project" changes its agenda to the "No State Project", then I'm not interested.


Anonymous said...

Look, there are 9,000 of us. We have differing ideas on how to make change. It's funny you should say that we're all politicos because the biggest complaint we get is that we're supposedly all anarchists who won't vote. In reality, we are both.

If you want more of the anarchists/outside the system type free staters, take a look at and

In any case, the liberty movement is getting nothing done spread out all over the place complaining on the internet about the lack of problems. There are enough of us here that you will definitely find a community that you like.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you greatly. Not to say that people who relocated are not deserving of a pat on the back for trying.

But you are absolutely right. These people are not willing to use force to protect their freedoms, they think they can just gather people and legally vote for what they want. As if the system doesn't have spies, liars and money to disrupt a group held together by peace and trust.

But let's say, they can't get things done on a big scale, if they move somewhere to meet like minded people makes them happier, why not?!

In all fairness, both voting and relocating are participating in politics. People who just ignore and avoid the government don't need to "be in the right place".

Anonymous said...

From my own experience in New Hampshire, there is a fantastic & blossoming activist community of agorists & anarchists living in the town of Keene, New Hampshire and surrounding towns. If you want to know more, I'd encourage you to look into it yourself. If you base your whole conception on the name "Free State Project," you should definitely look into it more--because there is alot of exciting things happening here that have nothing to do either with state politics or a "project" seeking to make a "free state."

The Free State Project isn't viewed too well on the net, but the people who take the time come to the annual Liberty Forum (coming up soon, see or annual PorcFest and get to know New Hampshire personally change their mind.

This Blog Has Moved!

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