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Friday, November 21, 2008

Which Color Pill do you Prefer?

I was talking with a guy at work. I tried explaining "Taxation is theft!", "The USA has an unfair monetary system!" and "Who needs a government anyway?" He responded with the usual pro-State troll arguments.

It was hilarious. He thought he had made a logical refutation of my points, but he was obviously spouting incoherent gibberish.

Then, I asked him "Suppose the move 'The Matrix' were nonfiction. Would you take the blue pill or the red pill?" He responded that he would obviously take the red pill. I pointed out that he was lying, but he didn't get it.

If you want to see The Matrix, just ask your statist friends and relatives about "Taxation is theft!", "The USA has an unfair monetary system!" or "Who needs a government anyway?"

Whenever someone starts seeing The Matrix, the shock leads to a panic attack. You then are involuntarily hospitalized with a mental illness and given drugs that dull your senses. By labeling sane behavior as insane, a world where everyone is insane becomes an unstable fixed point.

The antipsychotic drugs are literally blue pills. Abilify 5mg is literally a blue pill!


Anonymous said...

At work? Did you take a new job, or is this historical?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have gotten it, FSK.
The Matrix wasn't about computers, at all. It was a fairly accurate description of our reality today.

We all are just power-cells, milked every moment of our existence, having our dreams, aspirations, energy sucked out of us through a connection to the system, FRNs. It leaves us with just enough to exist. A connection that we vote to keep in place, since according to our "knowledge and experience", but in reality simply a propaganda matrix that we by law must expose ourselves through accredited teachers, tells us that we NEED.

Congrats, my Friend. You're free now, at least in your mind. Be aware that you have paid a dire price for this, - you will never be able to forget what you know, and so, will never be happy until you manage to unplug.

Anonymous said...

i have tried explaining this stuff to someone that i had marked as someone who might be convinced. i went through it (voting is pointless, taxation is theft, government violence) and made it as easy as i could. by the end of the conversation, i had been informed that i was a socialist and that she knew i was going to vote for obama.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm X spoke about the field negro and house negro, search for it on You Tube...same type of analogy.

House Negroes (those who work in the masters house not in the fields) identify their own interests with their masters, they forget that they are slaves owned and utilized by their master and they undermine those who seek freedom by deploying their masters thoughts and ideas.

I met a young guy at work aged 25, who just 'loves work', has aspirations to get married, settle down and to get a mortgage (get in debt slavery to bankers). He thinks I am crazy, or angry at the 'big bad world' and its not really that bad being a indebted consumer/producer.

fritz said...

F*#@k that..I would ask for a double dose of both red and blue pills..And when I woke up, both sides of reality would be made to pay dearly for screwing me over..

or maybe I would take nothing and still make myself and everyone else pay dearly for putting me through this.

Or I would offer everyone I incountered a red or blue pill. Than when they took it.I would make them pay dearly for every perception they ever had..

nice game,,lets play!!

Anonymous said...

The latest communique from Al Qaeda makes reference to Malcolm X's dichotomy between the field slave and house slave. Al Qaeda's second-in-command compares Barack Obama to a house slave and notes that Obama is not going to really change anything.

FSK, you should write about the fnords present in Al Qaeda videos. There is much more truth in those videos than in 99% of U.S. government propaganda. Are the Al Qaeda videos that 1%?

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