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Saturday, November 7, 2009

TV Makes You Stupid!

My father spends a lot of time watching the Communism Channel. He likes to recite their propaganda.

My father was excited saying "Ben Bernanke is changing the language in the interest rate policy statement, saying that he's going to start raising interest rates soon!"

I didn't listen to the details of what he was saying. Instead, I only listened to the emotions. Listening just to the emotions, he was saying "Duuuh!! Doiii! Deerrrr!"

The propaganda on the Communism Channel had put my father in a trance-like state where he wasn't really thinking. I'm usually no longer fooled by evil fnords, so I can watch without being adversely affected. I watch to notice how the scam works.

Here is an interesting exercise. Watch the Communism Channel or another comedy/propaganda show. Ignore the words, and just focus on the emotions of the speaker. The speaker talks in a staccato tone. The effect is to put the listener in a trance-like state.

Are State propagandists doing this on purpose? Or, did they figure out "This is the best way to present 'news'." It's important for "news" to drill the listener/viewer into a trance-like state. If people start thinking for themselves, they'll notice the scam.

The net effect of most mainstream "news" is propaganda. Is this done on purpose? Or, is did it evolve that way by accident. Either way, it's immoral.


theftthroughinflation said...

I have noticed that there is something that is adicting to the mind about CNN. When you turn it on it is hard to change channels after a minute or so. Its designed to always keep you anticipating the next "story"...even though they repeat the same crap all day. All of their information is propaganda though. The other night after the battle of Fort Hood they had some "experts" on Larry King, including Dr Phil. SOme other guy started saying that its probably a terrorist attack. Suprisingly Dr Phil started saying that its wrong to make that conclusion without the facts. The other guy rejected Dr Phil and said "it doesn't matter - were at war with terrorists so any attack is caused by 'the terrorists'!"
I couldin't believe it! Apparently thats what we get from an "independant press" these days.

George Donnelly said...

I watch it like that from time to time. I find most of it is boring and once in awhile they say something really revealing or really twisted. A fun game for sure.

Anonymous said...

Foxcist News and the Communist News Network are more similar than different. They are both pro-State propaganda ("news") networks. Foxcist News may support Republican-Statists, and Communist News may support Democrat-Statists, but they both support Statists.

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