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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October AdBrite Summary

October was a good month for my blog. According to Google Analytics, I had 5763 Absolute Unique Visitors, which is 20% more than September. That's my best since March 2009. I'm still short of my all-time maximum of 6887 in October 2008. I had some posts that ranked high in Google but since dropped.

I also track "Number of visitors who have been to my blog before." That was 228, which is my new best. "Regular returning readers" and "RSS subscribers" are a better measure of success. Total Absolute Unique Visitors is mostly one-time visitors via search. According to Google Reader, I have 104 RSS subscribers. That only counts people who use a Google-sponsored reader. When I used FeedBurner, that was about 66% of the total, so it's a reasonable indication.

I made $8.15 via AdBrite in October. I had 20% more pageviews, and my eCPM was the same. It seems that a page eCPM of $0.60-$0.70 is what I'm going to get with AdBrite.

I need about 3x more traffic so that I can buy a Linode with blogging income.

On another post, someone said "FSK is a loser who works for pennies." Blogging is not my main source of income. My main career is wage slave software engineer. I'm currently unemployed, so earning pennies an hour from blogging is better than nothing. I'm doing this as a hobby, and not as my main job.

It'd be nice if I can blog as my main source of income. With an eCPM of $1, that means I'd need 5M pageviews a month to earn close to what I'd make as a wage slave software engineer. That's 500x more readers than I get now.

The trend is favorable. My traffic is about 50% more than a few months ago, and my earnings are about 50% more. If I can double my traffic every 6-12 months, then this will be a viable job eventually. I estimate the size of the Remnant to be at least a couple million people, so I haven't maxed out my potential audience yet.

The main value of my blog is that I'm polishing and refining my ideas. Even if I had zero readers, I benefit from writing things down. I also benefit from reader comments. Even pro-State trolling comments are useful. A post that attracts a lot of pro-State trolls is an indication that it's an important subject. I also benefit by reading other interesting blogs. The quality of free market thinking on the Internet is increasing.

I'm looking to expand to things besides blogging. I'd like to start actual agorist businesses in a few years. "Promote agorism via standup comedy!" is the best idea I've had. However, that's a very competitive area. It'd be tough, even if I'm super-awesome. I have no idea how it will be until I try it in front of an audience.


fritz said...

Im glad you keep us abreast of your progress. I have watched you over time and find it interesting. I think everyone who blogs wonders if they could make some money at it.

I found your blog about 1 and a half years ago doing a random search.I read your blog like clock work everyday when I turn on my computer.

To me your like the Paul Harvey of Agorism.Keep it up FSK.


Anonymous said...

The problem with paper money is that majority of people do not see how the legal tender on paper money exploits their individual wealth. Scholars can talk all they want, and yet, all that will happen in an absence of widespread awareness, will simply be a modification of the scheme of exploitation.

Therefore the whole matter must be made available to the general public in a way stripped of purposeful complications, in an easy and fun to understand manner.

This could probably be done as a game, a mix of monopoly\strategy concepts. The special effort should be made to expose possible complications, such as the arcane calculations and statements of intent to the opposite, to make it clear to the player, that one could employ these as much as he can afford to complicate the matter, and yet, the underlying mechanics won't change. Make it blatant, how to fool the people. I would ask North for suggestions, as he is brilliant in making those matters simple.

This should be done before the major ISPs start collapsing due to general economic conditions and possible onset of so called "internet neutrality". Because once they do, collapse, the unique chance to "post the theses on the church doors" trough the "church of internet" (most available medium of efficient distribution of knowledge of today) will be lost.

May-be there more ways to reach most everyone, especially young, but this is one of them. As for you, FSK, this is something you can do in your spare time. Make it available for free and take donations to unlock some features or to keep scores. I've heard that the kid who made a mafia game is a millioner already. I've looked at that game and it is as lame as lame gets.

Doing this could also earn you credits in history for being the straw that broke the camel's back.

Anonymous said...

FSK should write his own software products and sell them. Many people do this and they are called micro-ISVs.

When you work as a slave software engineer you make a temporary wage and in 1 - 2 years, you are thrown out on the streets and have to find another job.

When you develop your own software you get a constant income stream.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at