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Friday, November 20, 2009

Robert Kahre Sentenced

This story is interesting. Robert Kahre was sentenced to 15 years in jail for tax evasion.

Criminal penalties for tax evasion are pure terrorism. "It is a crime to not pay taxes." literally means "It is a crime to work if you don't get permission from the banksters and State bureaucrats."

I liked this quote from the story:

Through hundreds of employees at the businesses, Kahre and his sister used a payroll scheme to avoid paying taxes.
Notice the pro-State trolling. They make it sound like "Robert Kahre was a scumbag who deserved to go to jail!" instead of "Robert Kahre was exploiting the legal inconsistency that a State-issued gold coin has a legal tender value of $50 but a fair market value of $1150."

At least some commenter called out the newspaper for pro-State trolling.
Thanks, Mary Manning for proving that you and the Las Vegas Sun are just puppets for the prosecution and PURVEYORS OF YELLOW JOURNALISM. To simplify a matter of such importance as "an elaborate scheme to defraud the IRS" sickens me beyond belief. A more balanced story appears in the Las Vegas Review Journal:
Many newspapers don't allow comments or filter comments. I'm surprised they published that comment.

The second story had an interesting point on Kahre I hadn't heard before:
Kahre used his system with people who worked at his several construction-trade businesses, and later marketed it to 35 other local businesses.
That's very interesting. Kahre was advising other people to do the same thing as him. If it caught on, then the State would have collapsed as people would have started avoiding taxes.

If Kahre is the only tax resister, it's very easy to crack down on him individually. If there's widespread tax resistance, then it's impractical to kidnap/assault everyone. Therefore, State thugs spend a lot of effort terrorizing people who see loopholes in their scam.

Here's some more pro-State trolling:
"This was a significant case," said Paul Camacho, special agent in charge of the IRS' Las Vegas office. "The government was not the only victim."

Hundreds of local tradespeople who received their pay from Kahre's payroll service will not earn Social Security credit for the years 1999 through 2003, Camacho explained.
They don't get Social Security credit *BUT* they didn't have 15% of their salary stolen via payroll taxes! (They may have been forced to pay later after Kahre was caught.) The cost of Social Security taxes is *MUCH GREATER* than any benefit. If you can avoid the tax and forfeit the benefit, that's a *GREAT* deal.

Tax law is very confusing and complicated, making it very unclear that what Kahre did was illegal.

Of course, State thugs must crack down on anyone who seeks freedom. If Kahre was not kidnapped and tortured, then other people would follow his example and the scam of the State would end.

Taxation is theft. Criminal penalties for tax evasion are terrorism. The income tax completely contradicts the idea that we are a nation of free individuals. The income tax converts every American into slaves of the banksters and State parasites.


fritz said...

Taxation is theft and theft is a crime. Unless you have all the guns and the people who use them best. Our country ran just fine before the 16th amendment passed in 1913.
Most state revenue was obtained through terrifs on trade goods.


Anonymous said...

"the tax scam would end..."

I find this thought of yours to be very interesting. Let us suppose that the tax scam would, actually, end.

If there is no scam, then how the people are going to fooled into subsidizing the lives of the elite? Granted, there is the second horse, the paper money, but this alone might not be enough.

Besides, if the elite is to live strictly on their profits from paper money system, then how are they going to fund the welfare state?

My point here is that we have a huge elite and a huge welfare state. These two, are not ready to go away or to start fending for themselves.

Thus, to remove taxes or paper money or both, will have the same effect as to take away the meat bowl from a tiger.

It seems to me, that first, one must think of a cage. Then, such cage must be constructed. Then the tiger (actually two) will need to be lulled into the cage.

Only after this is done, the meat bowl can be removed with the expectation that the beasts will be starved to death.

Without this, any attempt to destroy the taxes or the paper money, will anger the one of two tigers or both, and the result of that will necessarily be even less freedom (backed to the wall).

Anonymous said...

I think in some countries, non-payment of tax is a civil, rather than criminal, offence.

15 years seems rather steep. It is a waste of a life.

There really ought to be a better way of dealing like cases like this.

There are problems. Government ought to try to understand why these problems occur and work with the people to resolve them in a mutually beneficial way.

Instead a life gets wrecked. Hit me and I will hit you back. This is not the right way. Mankind is not civilised unless he can find out a better way to resolve problems other than wrecking someone's life.

Indeed the prosecutor should be ashamed of himself. He is operating on the level of a caveman instead of a modern person that can think of a good way to resolve problems.

David Z said...

@ second Anonymous commenter:

"Hit me and I will hit you back" presupposes that Kahre actually hit (i.e., injured) someone. He did not. There is no mutually beneficial way to resolve cases like these; indeed the only reason there is any "conflict" at all, is because the Stat has arrogated to itself the right to take 15% or 35% or 50% of Kahre's income via taxation.

The only appropriate way to avoid these problems is for the State to stop stealing from people.

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