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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health Care "Reform" and Abortion

This story is pretty funny. In order to get the healthcare "reform" bill passed in the House, a weird amendment was added. This is the "Stupak amendment". The "Stupak amendment" says that Federal taxpayer money may not be used to pay for abortions, even as part of the "public option".

Why was this amendment necessary? Some Republicans are very serious about their anti-abortion propaganda. This gave them an excuse to vote for the bill. Even though the Democrats have a majority, not all Democrats support the healthcare reform law. By adding an abortion ban into the bill, some Republicans were goaded into voting for it.

That's an excellent example of how State evil works. In most new laws, concessions are added for various Congressmen so they will vote for it. This is "free", because the slaves pay the cost of bad new laws and not the Congressmen themselves.

The Senate will probably pass a different version of the bill than the House, which means that negotiations aren't over. The only certainty is that there will be new laws restricting people's freedom even more.

Abortion is used as an evil fnord by politicians. It is a distraction from other more important issues. A politician must have the "correct" opinion on abortion. A politician is never asked "Is taxation theft?" The discussion of abortion is a substitute for issues of real importance.

"Taxpayer money should not be used to pay for abortions!" sounds appealing, because it's a bastardized version of "Taxation is theft!" I object when State bureaucrats steal from me and use the proceeds to prevent people from getting abortions. I object when State bureaucrats steal from me and use the proceeds to fund abortions or murder or anything.

The whole "healthcare reform" debate is one big evil fnord. The correct answer is "Government licensing requirements for doctors are damaging. The AMA/State doctor licensing cartel restricts supply and drives up prices. FDA regulations and patents restrict treatment options and raise costs. Regulation of the insurance industry further drives up costs. The correct solution is to repeal all government licensing requirements and all government regulation of healthcare."

Of course, the correct solution is "politically infeasible", because too many people profit from the current corrupt system. The healthcare "reform" law guarantees that current insiders continue to get their share of State-backed looting, while providing the cattle with the illusion of reform. A step in the right direction would be "The supply of doctor licenses should be increased!", but even that isn't discussed in the mainstream media.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at