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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Save the Angular Momentum!

I just read about the latest threat to the environment. It's wind-powered energy.

Due to government mandates for "clean" energy, energy corporations are building an increasing number of wind turbines. However, these windmills contain a threat that environmentalists don't want you to know about.

By building all these wind turbines, extra friction is created. This will slow the rotation of the earth!

Over 100 years, building all these wind turbines will slow the Earth's rotation. This will increase the length of a day by up to one second!

Critics of the "Save the Angular Momentum!" movement are pointing out that the Earth's rotation is slowing anyway due to the effect of tides. Those angular momentum haters say that the effect of tidal drag is much greater than the effect of wind turbines. We can't afford to let such unproven scientific theories affect our plan to save the environment! We can't afford to take any risks!

The only way to save the Earth's angular momentum without disrupting the economy is by a "cap and trade" system. Existing wind turbines will be allowed to continue operations. Nobody will be allowed to build a new wind turbine unless they shut down another wind turbine or take other precautions that preserve the Earth's angular momentum. If a business decides to close a wind turbine, then they may sell their "angular momentum credit" to someone else who wants to build a new wind turbine.

We can't squander a precious resource like the Earth's angular momentum to serve our short-term energy needs. Once the Earth's angular momentum is used up, it won't come back!


Anonymous said...

Funny... This, of course is a joke, because winds do not originate due to the earth rotation not are winds all aligned westwardly.

However, these people (enviroidiots) are not a joke. They seriously moved up from the generation of their brainless parents, who were seeking to build a perpetum mobile (and built a house of scams FED instead) while high on drugs.

Just as brainless as were their stupid parents, supposing that something could be taken for nothing, these kids now demand nothing as a trade-off for something. Too dumb to understand that any wind turbine, any solar panel, any geotermal, nuclear, tidal or masturbational generator will have to necessarily take something from this planet in order to create some heat loss and to produce some energy. They can not see that that undesirable effect thew generator has is where we took the energy from! This will not change no matter what kind of generator it is, including gravitational one. We will always produce some energy on an account of destroying something, or we will learn to bring the energy in, (Hydrogen from Jupiter) but then we will alter the balance.

Incredibly, these environmental protesters are the same folks who will die off first, should the technological progress take a breather, as they are the most useless, dependent, and relying on the infrastructure of energy.

Doesn't this indicate that the large percentage is mentally sick, and thus we're likely to be in our decadence age?

sid said...

This is a joke right?

s_baar said...

This post is eminently practical. I can't wait to bring it up in conversation.

CorkyAgain said...

We also need more hate crimes legislation and mandatory sensitivity training for everyone.

After all, you what they say: love makes the world go 'round.

This Blog Has Moved!

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