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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Best of FSK" - September 2011

According to Google Analytics, September was a good month for my blog. I had 7324 Absolute Unique Visitors, just shy of my record 7717 in October 2010. (I wonder why September and October tend to be really good months for my blog. That makes no sense.)

My September AdBrite earnings were $7.73. My average eCPM from AdBrite is around $0.50. That seems low, but at least they send me a check and didn't ban me. I'm at only 1/3 of my goal of making $20/month, which is what I would need to cover a Linode. Now that I'm unemployed, I might move to my own domain, since I have free time. (I'm not interested in cheaper hosting options than a Linode, because I want to write some of my own code, in addition to just having a blog.)

According to Google Analytics, my most popular posts in September 2011 were:

  1. Groupon Is A Scam (514)
  2. BMI/ASCAP/SESAC Legal Extortion Scam (410)
  3. Did the USA Declare Bankruptcy? (334)
  4. Who's the Richest Man in the World? (261)
  5. Ruby on Rails Sucks! (247)
  6. The Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory (245)
  7. The Federal Reserve Caused the Great Depression (183)
  8. The Gold Lease Rate is Negative! (170)
  9. Silk Road Was A Partial AgoristBay Implementation (157)
  10. The Compound Interest Paradox (150)
  11. The New Delicious Sucks! (149)
  12. Agorist Philosophy Overview (120)
  13. Solyndra Stole $500M "Stimulus" Money (107)
  14. The Hunt Brothers' Silver Corner (92)
  15. Calculating Vega and other Greeks in Black-Scholes (82)
  16. Is It Worth Hoarding Nickels? (82)
  17. Premium Text Messaging Fraud - 91097 and 654654 (79)
  18. The Gold and Silver Taxation Scam (69)
  19. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2007 (69)
  20. Warrent Buffett - Tax My Competitors More (69)
  21. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2008 (67)
  22. Satanic Death Hospitals (66)
  23. Are the GLD and SLV ETFs a Fraud? (60)
  24. Real GDP Is Crashing, 2000-2009 (60)
  25. Federal Reserve "Twist" (58)
  26. The Black-Scholes Formula is Wrong! - Part 1/12 - Overview and Background (57)
  27. StackOverflow Sucks! (57)
  28. The Carried Interest Tax Loophole (57)
  29. The Five Levels of the Economy (53)
  30. How Well Does GLD Track Gold? (53)
  31. The Tally Stick Monetary System (50)
  32. UBS Loses $2 Billion (50)
  33. The Compound Interest Paradox Revisited - Edward Flaherty is a Troll (49)
  34. The Federal Reserve and Income Tax Conspiracy Theory (46)
  35. The Fluoride Conspiracy Theory (46)
  36. Are College Athletes Exploited? (46)
  37. Goldman Sachs and Facebook (45)
  38. The Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory (45)
  39. Idiot Manager Tactics (44)
  40. The Velocity of Money (43)
  41. Corporate Death Penalty (41)
  42. Android Classic Retro Emulator List (39)
  43. The Nymphomaniac Pattern (38)
  44. Kitchen Nightmares And Psychopaths (37)
  45. Fnord Analysis - "Inside Job" Documentary (36)
I've noticed that "X sucks!" and "X is a scam!" posts tend to do well, especially when X really does suck or X really is a scam. "The New Delicious Sucks!" is underrated in this list, because I published it near the end of September. That post is doing very well so far in October.

Usually, when I say "X sucks!", some trolls come out saying "FSK, you're wrong. X really doesn't suck." Nobody has made a comment defending the new delicious. I really should write "fsklicious". Now that I'm unemployed, I should get my own domain, own Linode, and start coding some stuff. However, I shouldn't feel guilty about relaxing for the first few weeks of unemployment.

If you only count posts published in September 2011, the most popular posts were:
  1. The New Delicious Sucks! (149)
  2. Solyndra Stole $500M "Stimulus" Money (107)
  3. Federal Reserve "Twist" (58)
  4. UBS Loses $2 Billion (50)
  5. Android Classic Retro Emulator List (39)
  6. Fnord Analysis - "Inside Job" Documentary (36)
  7. New Phone Today! (35)
  8. New Phone - Motorola Droid 3 (31)
  9. GE Receives $100B In State Subsidies Per Year (29)
  10. 9/11/01 Ten Year Anniversary (26)
  11. Blogger On Android - All Apps Suck (22)
  12. No Phone, No Internet, No Verizon (22)
I also updated the "Best of FSK" list in the left sidebar.

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dionysusal said...

Are you gonna do a post about "Occupy Wall Street"? Don't you work on Wall Street (when you work)?

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