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Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Keene Foolishness - Are Prison Guards Evil?

This post on "Free Keene" had a serious error.

Since my issues is with the police and “justice” system for aggressing against peaceful people, I do not give the jailers any trouble by non cooperating or being disobedient. My beef is not with them.
Are you kidding me? Police and judges and prosecutors are evil, but not prison guards? You've got to be joking.

The prison guard is cooperating in the evil of the State, in exchange for a paycheck. Of course, it's pointless to tell the prison guard "I'm innocent. WTF am I here for?" The prison guard has been brainwashed to ignore pleas of innocence. The prison guard has been brainwashed to handle his role as cattle guard, and ignore other issues. Besides, every prisoner claims innocence, so the guard gets desensitized. (I noticed that when involuntarily hospitalized. Every patient/prisoner claims "WTF? I don't belong here! Let me go!" The nurses/guards are desensitized to such pleas, and ignore them.)

The prison guards are just as evil as the policemen, judges, and prosecutors. The guards obey orders and actively supports evil, in exchange for a paycheck. The system gives the prison guard no discretion, but that doesn't excuse the prison guard's behavior.

If you want to go all Goodwin's law, you could use the same argument to say "Concentration camp guards weren't evil. They were just obeying orders. Blame the politicians and judges, but not the executioner who's just obeying orders." The prison guard is obeying orders in exchange for a paycheck. That doesn't justify his behavior. There's no "I'm just following orders!" morality fairy, that magically turns evil into good.

A prison guard earns a paycheck for caging nonviolent offenders. That places him firmly in the "evil" category. In fact, prison workers' unions lobby for stricter mandatory minimum sentencing laws! That's pretty evil. Prison workers' unions lobby for the "War on Drugs", because it's a welfare/jobs program for prison workers! Unlike the policeman, prosecutor, and judge, the prison guard doesn't have State-authorized discretion to let his victim go. That doesn't magically make him "not evil". Even a judge, policeman, and prosecutor will frequently say "I have no discretion. I have to enforce the law as written."

If the judges didn't have prison guards willing to obey orders and cage nonviolent offenders, then the judge would have no power. Without prison guards mindlessly obeying orders, the judge would just be a crazy guy in a robe. The prison guard is an important cog in State evil. I don't see how any reasonable person could characterize prison guards as "not evil". Besides, only someone with evil personality tendencies, would take a job as prison guard.

Everyone who profits from State corruption, directly or indirectly, is supporting evil. In fact, I was indirectly supporting evil, writing financial software. My work was very far removed from the evil parts, but I was indirectly supporting evil and profiting from evil. I feel guilty about it, but I have to take whatever job I can get in order to survive.

If Ian said "I'm cooperating with the prison guards, because I want better conditions and a shorter sentence.", I'd respect that. When he says "Prison guards aren't evil.", that's complete nonsense. He's a fool for believing that. Anybody who profits from State violence is evil, whether they profit directly or indirectly. A prison guard pretty directly profits from State evil, especially when he's jailing nonviolent offenders.

Of course, a prison guard will be friendly with prisoners who cooperate. That makes the prison guard's job easier. Just because the prison guards were friendly with Ian, doesn't make them "not evil".

"I have to take whatever job I can to survive, even writing financial software." is comparable to "Given that I'm in prison, I'll cooperate with the guards in exchange for better treatment and a shorter sentence." Given that the State criminal conspiracy exists, I'll try to get the best job I can inside that corrupt system. Given that Ian was jailed for something stupid, he might as well cooperate while in prison, if it make the stay less unpleasant and shorter.

It's nonsense like this that makes me not take "Free Keene" seriously. The actual reason for imprisonment was silly, a confrontation with police over a minor issue. Yes, police are evil when they enforce bad laws. It's pretty stupid to get into a confrontation with police over minor offenses. It's better to save your energy for big important issues, and let the bad guys win less important ones.

Also, if you look at the "laugh lines" pattern on Ian Freeman's face, he has the parasitic personality type. He is making an emotional argument against the State, and not a very good logical argument. "The police will use violence over minor issues!" is an example of State evil. However, you're a fool if you actually dare the police to use violence over a specific minor issue. The police will happily oblige.


stefminus said...

i think a lot of the free keene stuff is kinda goofy. it doesn't advance freedom. i am considering moving up there though, because i live in texas (general fascism), and in austin (super lefty-socialism capital).

i agree with both you and ian on this. i believe that the guards are evil for caging nonviolent offenders. but, he is facing considerably more jail time if he's not careful. if he gets picked up for a minor offense, he could get 270 more days in jail, and has already had the "code inspector" loser at his door on the day that he arrived back home. if that was me, i don't know if i would say much about these guys (the guards) on my nationally-syndicated show. certainly one of the bad guys is keeping tabs on him, and he's a public figure.

as far as this parasitic thing goes, i have no idea. he seems to be pretty entrepreneurial.

FSK said...

There are two separate issues.

First, "Is prison guard an inherently evil occupation?" The answer is "Duh! Yes!"

Second, "Given that I'm in jail, I should cooperate as much as possible." That makes sense. Also, "Given that police and prosecutors and bureaucrats are looking for every excuse to put me in jail, I should try to follow the law and keep a lower profile." That also is reasonable. That's separate from "Are prison guards inherently evil."

It's silly to criticize politicians and judges and police and prosecutors, without also criticizing the prison guards.

Plus, "parasitic" is a general personality type term. Even if he's starting a business, that doesn't automatically mean he doesn't have the parasitic personality type.

Dude said...

We have a friend of the family who was a drug dealer for years, but was never caught. He was a real tricky fellow.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he got a job working at a state prison as a guard. He had no training in criminal justice or anything. He "knew someone" at the prison who got him in. Suddenly he was buying expensive cars, rental properties, and investing in race horses. The job paid a lot but less than the million dollars or so he was spending each year, with no reasonable explanation as to its source. After 10 years he retired from the prison work, very wealthy. By this time he had bought a 10,000 acre ranch in Texas.

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