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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares And Psychopaths

Ramasay's Kitchen Nightmares frequently has bits that illustrate productive/psychopath relationships. However, Ramsay doesn't explicitly call people out for being psychopaths. He will call someone out for serving rotten food and for lying, but never explicitly accuse someone of being a manipulative psychopath.

I don't understand why anyone would agree to be on "Kitchen Nightmares" without watching the show first. Ramsay always complains about:

  1. poor quality food
  2. too many items on the menu
  3. frozen food
  4. rotten food
  5. dirty kitchen
How could anyone not clean their kitchen and throw out rotten food, before agreeing to appear on the show? Don't you watch a reality show, before agreeing to appear on it as a guest?

Even before I cracked my pro-State brainwashing, it would have been impossible to lie to me about Math. It was difficult (but not impossible) to lie to me about software.

That was the incident that led to my first panic attack. A highly-skilled psychopath was lying to me and everyone else about Math and software. He didn't fool me, but he had everyone else fooled. I couldn't understand it.

From my point of view, he was obviously a manipulative liar. From his boss' point of view, he was a brilliant genius and they were lucky to have someone like him. The psychopath had everyone fooled. I was somewhat resistant. Therefore, the psychopath was targeting me for elimination.

For example, the psychopath told me I was doing a decent job, while telling everyone else I was an unqualified loser. I had been doing a great job up before the psychopath became my boss, so I couldn't be fired. The psychopath was steadily eroding my reputation. I've had psychopaths do that to me multiple times.

The psychopath thought I was an evil person trying to steal his job. Actually, I was an intelligent person trying to do a good job. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't let me fix the bugs I found in the software he wrote. He couldn't admit he didn't do a perfect job. Therefore, he couldn't allow me to fix bugs.

That led to my discovery about how psychopaths work. It was a shock. I always assumed that everyone else had good intentions and was trying to do the right thing, like me. This guy was a psychopath. Originally, I thought he was misinformed and merely needed to be educated. Actually, he was doing it consciously on purpose. He had everyone else fooled. Most people don't have the capacity to defend themselves from psychopaths.

It was a shock to see how psychopaths worked and how they manipulated people. It was like a huge block was removed from my brain. It was shocking. The discovery led to my panic attack. I was forcibly drugged. If I didn't refuse to take the drugs, then I would have been drugged up for the rest of my life. The harmful psychiatric drugs would have prevented me from seeing the truth.

(Surprisingly, my current drug, Seroquel, seems to be working. Seroquel has cured my color blindness, which is a shock and a reason to keep taking it. Most mental health patients take Seroquel plus something else. Almost nobody takes just Seroquel.)

Now, it's nearly impossible to lie to me. I'm immune to most mainstream media lies. You can't fool me about economics and politics anymore. Unfortunately, in a "majority vote" system, keeping a majority brainwashed helps prevent progress. Even in a dictatorship, there's an incentive to brainwash people. In a democracy, brainwashing people is also effective. The current USA system is the functional equivalent of a dictatorship/oligarchy.

Even though I know more than most people, I still only get one vote. Voting is pointless. The truth is not determined by a majority vote. Voting does not legitimize theft via taxes.

Just like you can't lie to me about Math, you can't like to Gordon Ramsay about food. He can instantly taste rotten food. He can taste frozen food. He can tell if the food is lousy.

I have much more sensitivity to rotten food now. I'm much better at refusing to eat rotten food.

Ramsay seems to have the "abused productive" personality type. In the context of managing a restaurant, he's so skilled that he can logically explain why psychopaths are doing a bad job. He has a high enough reputation, that he can convince the owners strongly enough to break the psychopath psychological control.

Gordon Ramsay has one important point. There is an objective universal truth, as to whether your restaurant is successful or not, namely "Are you making money?" When a restaurant is struggling, 95%+ of the time, the problem is "poor quality food".

Friday's episode, "Oceana" was very interesting. This example nearly perfectly illustrates the psychopath dynamic. Notice the characters.

Owner #1 - Moe, older brother
Owner #2 - Rami, younger brother
Executive/Head chef - Damon - psychopath, completely unqualified to be a head chef

Here are several indications that the head chef is a psychopath. Notice the way his eyes twitch when he lies. Notice the laugh line pattern on his face, nearly vertical laugh lines like a permanent sneer. Notice his hair. These all are psychopath indicators.

There also is a productive/parasite relationship between Rami and Moe. Moe isn't really a psychopath. He's an "abused productive" person trying to be a psychopath. That's why he gets angry and frustrated. Moe wants to drink all day while his employees earn money for him.

2:50 - The food comes back, but Damon snows the owners into thinking the food is good. Moe is fooled, but Rami isn't. However, Moe outranks Rami.

7:10 - Notice the laugh line pattern on Damon's face. He has nearly vertical laugh lines, like his face is in a permanent sneer. That's a clear parasite indication.

7:18 - Notice the way Damon's eyes twitch when he lies and says the food is good. Psychopaths and parasites frequently have their eyes twitch when they're lying. You can sometimes see this on CNBC. (That's a good exercise. Watch CNBC and notice the eye movements of the guests.)

7:50 - Notice the way Damon's eyes twitch when the first dish comes back. Notice the way Damon snows Moe, that the food is good.

Notice the lie about frozen/fresh crab cakes.

Notice the lie about how the duck is tender. Moe is snowed by Damon. Rami isn't fooled.

10:24 - Notice how Damon's eyes are twitching.

Notice the laughter in the kitchen. Damon has established an alternate reality, where he's a brilliant chef and Ramsay is an unqualified faker. This breaks down later.

11:10 - Notice how Damon's eyes are severely twitching here.

Damon lies and says the crab cakes aren't frozen. Rami had to expose the lie.

Notice how it's lined up, Damon and all the people he psychologically controls, vs. Ramsay. Rami breaks ranks and joins Ramsay.

Notice the conflict between Rami and Moe. Moe is defending Damon, because he doesn't want to admit he was conned. Rami is more logical and serious about improving the restaurant. Rami is submissive to Moe, taking the "abused productive" role, so he can be more logical. Rami is a co-owner, so Damon can't manipulate Moe into firing Rami. Instead, Damon convinces Moe that Rami is wrong.

The head chef doesn't know when the duck was cooked?

13:00 - Notice how Damon's eyes are severely twitching here.

Notice the near-fistfight between Damon and Ramsay. Ramsay has shattered Damon's illusion that he's a brilliant chef.

14:30 - Notice how Damon's eyes are still severely twitching. Rami knows that Damon is unqualified. Moe is still fooled. Moe is still psychologically dominated by Damon.

16:00 - Notice the dispute when the turtle soup comes back. Damon's eyes are twitching as he insists the soup is good.

Notice how, when food comes back, it's the customer's fault and not the chef's.

When I go to a restaurant, and the food is lousy, I don't send the food back. I just don't go back.

Also notice how Damon was able to psychologically manipulate Moe, into believing that the food was good.

16:30 - Notice Damon's eyes twitching during the rotten food inspection.

17:45 - Moe is finally convinced that Damon is unqualified. Ramsay was able to logically explain that Damon is doing a bad job, even though Damon had everyone psychologically manipulated.

18:30 - Notice Damon's eyes severely twitching here.

Notice Damon attempting to blame his subordinates.

That probably explains the "frequent firings" at the restaurant. Damon would be able to spin the blame for problems on others, and get them fired. If anyone became suspicious that Damon was doing a bad job, then he would be fired. Moe would actually fire them, but Damon would manipulate Moe into doing it.

19:30 - Damon's eyes are severely twitching.

Ramsay says "I didn't come here to humiliate you. I came here to help you. Why are you lying to me? Why are you serving me rotten food?"

Ramsay is wrong here. From the psychopath's point of view, Ramsay *IS* there to humiliate him and ruin him. From the psychopath's point of view, Ramsay isn't logically explaining why the food is rotten. From the psychopath's point of view, Ramsay is out-psychopathing him!

From the psychopath viewpoint, logically explaining why something is wrong IS AN EVIL MANIPULATION TRICK.

I always assumed that psychopaths were people with good intentions like me. A psychopath assumes that an intelligent person with good intentions IS ACTUALLY AN EVIL MANIPULATOR JUST LIKE THE PSYCHOPATH.

Ramsay already has a high reputation, so he can convince the owners. If it was some random food consultant, Damon would have been able to manipulate the owners into believing that the consultant was wrong. Ramsay already has a high emotional reputation, in addition to his logical restaurant owner skills.

Even worse, Damon probably didn't learn anything. I feel sorry for whoever hires him next. He isn't going to learn to be a better chef. He's going to learn how to be a better psychopath. Damon will try to emulate Ramsay's behavior, without actually learning to be a better chef!

Damon is completely underqualified. That's why he has to lie to try and keep his job. He'll have a hard time finding another idiot owner to hire him.

24:15 - Notice how Moe gets angry.

This is an important point. The psychopath doesn't get angry, because he can always emotionally manipulate people to get what he wants. If an "abused productive" person is trying to be a parasite and failing, then he gets frustrated.

24:30 - Notice how Moe is drinking.

Finally, the owners fire Damon. It's presented as the owners' decision. You can be sure that Ramsay advised them. This is the only "Kitchen Nightmares" episode where the head chef was fired after day 1. However, there are several episodes where a psychopath chef or manager is manipulating the owners and wasting their money.

Rami probably wanted to fire Damon all along, but Moe refused. With Ramsay around to back him, Damon can be fired.

Rami is probably the one who applied to have their restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares.

Later, Moe gets sick when he contemplates the changes Ramsay is making. Moe is resisting the change. Rami knows there are problems.

25:20 - Notice Damon's eyes twitching. Notice how he's still trying to save his job. He's blaming his subordinates. That's a cheap excuse. As boss, he's responsible.

At the end of the episode, Moe is obviously drunk. You can tell his speech is slurred. He asked Ramsay to go drinking with him.

This goes back to what I said in another post. If you have a drinking problem, that's a sign of a weak character. What kind of person gets drunk when Ramsay is visiting your restaurant for his show?

Many episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" feature a psychopath who has the owner fooled and is wasting his money. This episode, "Oceana", clearly illustrates the psychopath dynamic.

I was disappointed that Ramsay didn't explicitly call out Damon for being a psychopath. He probably would have been sued for libel if he did that. Also, I was surprised that the "twitching eyes" wasn't explicitly mentioned by the show's narrator.

Notice the way that Damon's eyes twitch when he lies. Normally, Damon can fool other people. Ramsay is resistant to Damon's lies. Notice how pathetically obvious psychopaths are, when confronted by an intelligent person. Damon's eyes are twitching because he's confronted with someone who's challenging his lies. Damon can't psychologically manipulate Ramsay like he usually does.

Notice Damon's facial wrinkle pattern, especially the laugh lines. Notice his hair. Those also are psychopath indicators. They aren't 100% reliable, but it's a good indication.

There is a productive/parasite relationship between Rami and Moe. Moe isn't a full psychopath. He's a low-skill parasite. Moe has the "abused productive" personality type and he's trying to be a psychopath, leading to failure and frustration.

The head chef Damon is a clearcut psychopath. He has the head owner Moe totally fooled. Rami knows that Damon is unqualified, but is overruled by his brother Moe. This episode has a clearcut illustration of the psychopath dynamic.


Anonymous said...

I too have come across psychopaths.

Like you I have noticed they can't just outright fire you, but they have to try to destroy your reputation first. Otherwise they will too obviously look like a bad person.

If you can avoid your reputation being eroded, you can delay your termination.

I never realized these people were psychopaths at the time. I thought they could just be very stupid.

Anyway I've found another psychopath essay. See

Anonymous said...

What was all the fuss at the end about Moe wanting to take a break?
Is this sacrilege for these 'abused productive' types or what?

It seems he wasn't doing such an important job in the first place greeting customers. And if it was important, as a customer, i would probably prefer a relaxed Moe instead of a stressed one.
His stress clearly was bothering the kitchen staff.

Scott said...

Wow. I had not seen that show. I don't watch much TV. That was pretty crazy. Hard to believe it is real. I enjoyed your detailed analysis and insights, that was very interesting. I'd love to see a blog that did nothing but analyze the psychological dysfunctions of people in these reality shows.

FSK said...

The fuss is that Moe was drinking rather than working.

Yes, "greeting customers" is a way for clueless owners to feel like they're doing something useful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it wasn't clear to me he was going for a drink.
I didn't know "taking a break" means "drinking alcohol" in American English but I am just a busy idiot ;-)

FSK said...

They did show Moe drinking alcohol in an earlier segment.

Moe was visibly drunk.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thats for this article, it shows us in visual form what you were talking about with the mouth lines and stuff. great stuff. I would like to know, what other eps # you mentioned in the article? with the kitchen nightmares that has psychopaths abusing the owners in it?
I want to watch more


FSK said...

I couldn't find a good way to watch episodes online and do the analysis. If I was working for Fox as a writer I probably could make several episodes of psychopath analysis!

One good example is Dillon's/Purnima, the manager who was fired.

In one episode, the manager was the co-owner's father. (The owners were bodybuilders.) He was working 80+ hours a week but completely unqualified to manage a restaurant.

There was one Mexican restaurant. The owners were mother-daughter. The mother's boyfriend was the restaurant manager. He was a clearcut psychopath. I was disappointed when Ramsay didn't advise the owner to fire him.

I forget the exact episodes. It's too awkward to try to do the analysis. There's a psychopath/parasite dynamic in almost every episode.

Anonymous said...

steamroller asks:
Hey FSK...I am starting to realize that there are mutants out there to pillage and plunder productive work ethic folks. My question is: Is there a fine line between the psychopath and the parasite types?

FSK said...

It's a difference of skill and danger.

A psychopath is a high-skill parasite. (Alternatively, a parasite is a low-skill psychopath.)

A psychopath is completely incorrigible.

A parasite can be useful in the right context.

For example, if you're a weak-willed "abused productive" person, you need a parasite to be your business partner. If you partner with a psychopath, you're totally screwed. If you partner with a parasite, he may give you a lesser share of the profits. By partnering with a not-too-evil parasite, he'll protect you from the psychopaths.

If I owned a business, I would *NEVER* hire a psychopath. I might hire someone who was weakly parasitic, with proper supervision and procedures. However, I'd prefer someone with the "abused productive" personality type.

Psychopaths always do negative work. A parasite can do useful work in the right context. Unfortunately, the US economy is geared toward theft rather than useful work.

If I told a psychopath, "We have to do something about the psychopath problem or the US economy will collapse.", he'll never understand. In fact, he would try to eliminate any group of people trying to handle the psychopath problem.

If I told a parasite, "We have to do something about the psychopath problem.", it might be possible to convince him. However, it would require a large group of people saying "WTF! This is important!"

Without the State enabling them to steal, parasites might move towards useful work. The psychopath is incorrigible. The psychopath won't change until everyone else is resistant.

For the psychopath, being evil worked for him his whole life. He's not going to give that up.

dionysusal said...

Ramsay's other show, Hell's Kitchen (I don't watch Kitchen Nightmares), has psychopath contestants-- usually at least one per team per season. Ramsay must know they're psychopaths right away, but I noticed he tends to let them stick around a little while before firing them. My guess is he wants to see how the productive contestants deal with the psychopath, and the one who deals with them most adroitly gets a leg up on the others. He knows that in the real world, you sometimes find yourself having to work with psychopaths since they're everywhere, and if you;re going to work for him, you have to be able to handle them to some degree. So, his criteria for the winning contestant might be:

- is a skilled chef
- can manage/run a large, complex kitchen
- is good with people (to build a rapport with the restaurant staff and customers)
- knows how to identify and neutralize psychopaths

What do you think?

FSK said...

I stopped watching Hell's Kitchen due to the high accident rate. I was disgusted by the fact that there was one serious accident per season.

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