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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yankees Starting Pitching Error

The Yankees and Tigers both made a serious error in Game 1. They knew that a rain delay was a near-certainty, with a likely rainout. They both wasted their superstar pitchers, Verlander and Sabathia. They won't be able to pitch again until Game 3.

They should have used relievers in the first two innings. For example, the Yankees could have used Soriano or Robertson for the first two innings. Then, if there's a rainout, Sabathia is saved for the next day. If there's a rain delay but no rainout, then Sabathia pitches after the delay.

The Yankees have great relievers. They should have been willing to use relievers for the first two innings.

In the unlikely event that the relievers give up a bunch of runs, then Sabathia can be saved until Game 2.

I never understood why teams never try that. If you have great relievers, you can use them for the first few innings and put in your starters later.

With a near-certain rain delay, the Yankees and Tigers should have saved their star pitcher until after the delay.

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dionysusal said...

Relievers and starters have completely different methods of preparing to pitch, and completely different psychologies and strategies. You can't just use them interchangeably and expect no problems. It's not like a video game. If the Yankees or Tigers strongly suspected game 1 would be rained out, they should just have used their no. 2 starters.

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