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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Should You Store Your Gold?

I came up with some strategies for cleverly hiding my gold/silver/platinum, for when I make an investment in physical metal. I then read an article on "The first place a criminal looks when he robs you." Surprisingly, he mentioned all the things I had considered, and then some more! Here's the places to *NOT* store your gold.

Don't use your refrigerator. That's the first place criminals look. Some people keep drugs here, making this a high-value target.

Don't use your medicine cabinet.

Don't put it in the tank of your toilet.

Don't put it under your bed/mattress.

That's pretty impressive. The best strategy I can think of is "Find someone who owns a metalworks business (or start one myself) and make some figurines or other metal objects. A criminal might not recognize them as valuable." This applies to both common criminals and criminals wearing shiny badges and uniforms. For example, if I have a chess set and the pieces are solid platinum, then someone might not realize they're valuable!

Another strategy is a couple of cleverly hidden caches. If you put a couple of ounces of gold in an easily-discoverable location, then a criminal might assume that's all you have and not look for the rest of your stash. That might work against a common criminal, but not against State police doing a full search of your apartment at their leisure.

"Where is a safe place to store your metal?" is my biggest concern with investing in physical gold and silver.


Anonymous said...

A 12 inch old black and white TV is a good place stuffed in the bottom of your closet along with other old gadgets - which may be good storage containers as well, depending on their geometry - where it looks like a junk pile.

Simply unscrew the back of the TV and store your PMs in there. If you have tubes of coins/rounds, you need to stuff styrofoam packing material into the tubes tightly and wrap all of it with dark cloth. The goal is to keep things from rattling if the TV is moved. If it is picked up, it is expected to be heavy.

You're SOL if the thief is nostalgic for a 12" black and white TV, though.

Don't store it all in one place; diversity is key.

Not that I would do any of this of course as I do not keep PMs

Anonymous said...

What about a safe?

Mantar said...

I don't know what your living arrangement is, but if you've got actual ground nearby, digging a hole is not a bad idea... Thieves don't usually have time to bother with such things. Police might, but probably won't unless it's obvious that something's been buried.

You could also pull up some floorboards, bury the gold (filling in with dirt to prevent that hollow sound) and nail the floorboards back down.
If it takes a few hours for you to get at it, it's going to be unlikely anyone else will find it.

You might also try hiding stuff off-site, away from your home. This is more risky, since you can't keep watch on the location, but if it's well-hidden and you're not seen placing it, you can be pretty sure you've got a cache hidden where you can get to it, even if you can't go home. (Because, for instance, there are some uniformed bastards waiting for you to return so they can introduce you to Our Fine Penal System.)

Also, I recommend watching "Never Get Busted Again", which, while it focuses specifically on narcotics enforcement, is still a good peek into the way cops think and work, and how to thwart them.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I can`t give any good ideas, because them the criminals or State thugs will find out.

My advice is to get very creative.

You might need your own toolset for this.

It is hard to find a tree in a forest.

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