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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Racism in the Workplace

In my new wage slave job, most of my coworkers are Chinese. The boss of the group is Chinese, which leads to him hiring people of the same ethnic group. I noticed that happens a lot. If the boss has ethnicity X, then his subordinates have ethnicity X.

They had a Christmas party. My boss' boss was speaking a lot. He made a lot of anti-Chinese racist comments, regarding the group I work in. I was surprised that nobody else noticed. Maybe they noticed but were afraid to say anything. I didn't say anything to anyone, but I thought about it. It definitely was in the "Dude! That's totally embarrassing! Don't do that!" category.

"Chinese" is not a legally protected minority group. If he had made anti-Hispanic or anti-African American comments, he definitely would have been risking a lawsuit. Nobody noticed, so I doubt there's a risk.

I had a weird experience in the elevator. Someone who was a really strong parasite got into the elevator. I had a momentary feeling of extreme fear. I hadn't noticed that reaction before.

I don't work with him. He probably didn't notice me. It was a very weird experience.

I certainly have noticed a negative correlation "Higher-ranking management implies less competence." It's more noticeable in a larger corporation.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed this as well. In a group made up of a certain nationality, the boss will hire more of the same nationality. The boss really should hire on merit. In exceptional cases, several groups in a company will all be of the same nationality. So an outsider will find it next to impossible to get in.

Also there is discrimination against workers for simply being good at their job. Because you show up people that slack or don't achieve as they should.

Once I worked in a tech company and one of my tasks overlapped with the tasks of another group in the same company. That group was big on doing clever-sounding stuff and technology. As none of their technology could solve the problem, I did the task manually. It was tiresome but within a week I solved lots of problems that had existed for well over a year, but were never fixed. This was a lot of hard work. However instead of congratulating me, the other group attacked me on very trivial, stylistic grounds. In fact I solved the problems in a defensive way to try to stop the same sort of problems happening again. Obviously that went over their heads. So I got attacked for doing good work.

And as upper management wasn't at all technical this b******* criticism stuck.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at