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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letters to Hitler

This story was pretty amusing. At the urging of other people, Gandhi wrote some letters to Hitler before World War II.

It would have been more useful to write letters to the people living in Germany, saying "Why are you supporting this lunatic?"

Writing a letter to Hitler sounds as useful as writing a letter to your Congressman. Some people have attempted writing their Congressman asking "Is taxation theft? Is the income tax immoral?" and received pro-State troll responses or canned responses.

Some people are insane and can't be convinced. Debating idiots is a waste of time.

If you're in a position where your wealth and power are backed by the State, then it's very hard to recognize "Government is a scam!"

People want to be the heroes in their own mind. This prevents them from recognizing the truth.

Hitler and State parasites cannot be convinced that their actions are wrong. The only way to convince them is the hard way. If you practice agorism and their scam collapses, then the parasites might learn to change their ways.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree on that the only way to stop them is to remove yourself from their scam. Talking to them is useless, and here is why.

Your point is that they won't listen to you, because they can't, until their scam is collapsed.

I think is that they all are murderers and torturers. They are sociopaths, and there is no way they would be interested in anything else. I believe these the exact people who would do unspeakable torture had they been born 500 years ago. Not humans, for sure.

It simply doesn't compute to assume that they are smart enough to climb on the very top of power structure, and yet dumb enough to notice that they affect others unfairly. The only solution is to assume that they don't care.

In other words, I believe every senator voting for anti-drug laws, knows exactly that he supports drug cartels, and that he is selling his own people. One can not be both too dumb to see this and smart enough to be the decision maker.

theftthroughinflation said...

the point you fail to mention is how this applies to us now. We are worse than the germans who allowed hitler to exist because we have access to more information through the internet and we should have their example to avoid.
The truth is that we are the nazis now and we don't have any excuse.
We are sitting by while our leaders start illegal wars, torture people while robbing us through inflation and taxation and then labelling us as terroists when we dissent.

CorkyAgain said...

Trying to reason with sociopaths never works.

The only thing to do is to try to stay away from them as much as possible. This is where agorism comes in.

CorkyAgain said...

"We are the Nazis now."

No, we're not. It's important to maintain a clear distinction between (a) people who actively advocate and implement Nazi policies and (b) people who, because they are ignorant or powerless, fail to stop the people in the first group from carrying out their evil plans.

Now, I will concede that ignorance is a fault, and I would exhort everyone to open their eyes and understand what powerful people are doing in the world today. But someone who is hoodwinked into supporting evil is not as guilty as someone who knows what he is doing and doesn't care. The senators the anonymous commenter describes above are far more guilty than most of the voters who support them.

On the other hand, being powerless is not a moral fault. No one can be blamed for failing to prevent something that wasn't in his power to prevent.

I personally feel no responsibility for decisions made by our current government, be it federal, state or local. The simple fact is, they have never listened to me. I am one vote among thousands or millions. Even if most of the others voters agree with me, the powers that be have contrived to ignore us.

They've never asked for my advice, only for my money and my obedience. Well, since they have men with guns and clubs, I'll give them my money like I would to a mugger or an extortionist. And I'll probably knuckle under when they use that force (or threat of force) to get me to comply with their commands. But what I will not do is agree that they have a right to do these things.

I will not agree when they start illegal wars, or pass laws condoning torture and other violations of human dignity and rights. I will deny that they are doing those things as MY representative, or in MY name.

When they force me to give them money, I'm not responsible for what they do with it, they are. When they draft me into their army and send me to fight in some other country, I'm not responsible for their illegal war, they are. When they steal elections, gerrymander districts, restrict ballot access, use their control of MSM to limit coverage to establishment views, etc., I'm not responsible for the officeholders or the policies that result, they are.

No, I'm not a Nazi, and neither are you. But maybe they are.

theftthroughinflation said...

"No, we're not. It's important to maintain a clear distinction between (a) people who actively advocate and implement Nazi policies and (b) people who, because they are ignorant or powerless, fail to stop the people in the first group from carrying out their evil plans."

I understand your point but its not completely valid. "I was just following orders" is not a valid form of defense.
By voting you consent to their inappropriate an illegal behavior because you are consenting to the entire system. Even if you voted against a tyrant your vote still legitimizes his win.
The only way to claim innocence is to not vote and to not pay taxes. Its easy not to vote. Avoiding taxes is hard, but paying taxes out of fear is not a valid defense.
The threat of violence is only real because everyone pays taxes; when 1-2 people evade tax it is easy for the state to devote resources to stop them. If everyone stopped paying taxes they would be incapable of stopping everyone. The truth is that at the end of the day we're all too lazy/scared to do anything, that makes us implicit in crime.
We allow tyranny to exist in our name and for our benefit.
History will not be a kind judge.

Anonymous said...

The correct moral choice would be to allow those voting against budget to not be taxed.

This good moral principle of individuality, however, destroys all parasites immediately by denying them access to the wealth of others.

To subdue the possibility of individuality and to create a permanent evil, and a parasite paradise, the lie of unification was enforced as a base dogma for all further thinking.

The lie of unification conflicts with the principle of individualism and personal responsibility.

The lie of unification has started with a statement: "we are stronger when we are united, to achieve this particular good purpose". The "to achieve" clause was then omitted, and the statement become a fallacy, proclaiming the unification as an absolute cure for weakness, and not as a method that supposed to be used only when something needs to be amplified, such as a good cause.

Consider mafia. They are stronger because they are unified, and them being together did not make the gang members any bit better.

The lie of unification is being taught universally as the truth, in order to set up all further thinking by a brainwashed person to be biased.

I conclude, that as long as you hold "unification" as dogma, you will not be able to find the correct answer to the problem of personal responsibility for participation in evil acts.

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