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Monday, December 21, 2009

Greater Than, Less Than, Should Not Exist

There's a very interesting subtle evil fnord that's repeated over and over again. This is very closely related to "False Opposites".

What is the opposite of "Taxes should be higher!"? The naive answer is "Taxes should be lower!"? How about "There should be no taxes at all!"?

What is the opposite of "The Federal Reserve should lower interest rates!"? Is it "The Federal Reserve should raise interest rates!"? How about "The central bank credit monopoly is immoral!"?

What is the opposite of "The government should spend more money on public schools!"? Is it "The government should spend less money on public schools!"? How about "There should be no State schools!"?

This is a very common evil fnord. The mainstream media debates making the State bigger or smaller, tightening the screws or loosening them. They never say "Is this issue any of the government's business?"

By presenting "X should be bigger!" as the opposite of "X should be smaller!", that hides the possibility of discussing "X should not exist!"

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Anonymous said...

In the UK, the police and courts fail to stop repeat gun and knife thugs (with 50 previous convictions), but get all upset if a man tries to protect his family.


The gun and knife thugs are free walking the streets, while the police and courts lock up their victims for hitting back.

So basically the State justice system is just administration and bureaucracy that fails to do anything. But they come down hard on self-defence.

Law-abiding citizens have reserves of cash that can be sucked out by lawyers. Criminals are not easy targets and so lawyers leave them alone.

The judges, lawyers and police have steady jobs and index-linked pensions. But they do nothing to help the tax-payers that fund their existence.

This Blog Has Moved!

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