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Thursday, December 3, 2009

"P=NP" Fnord

If you've studied Computer Science or Math, you come across one of these "famous unsolved problems". Finding a proof for P=NP or P!=NP is an example of such a problem.

A lot of very smart scientists have worked on these problems for a long time. It's very unlikely that an amateur could solve them. (Once in awhile, someone does, but that hasn't happened recently. For example, someone who went to my high school claimed to have a proof for "There are no odd perfect numbers!" He did well in the Westinghouse science competition, but later discovered a flaw in his proof. "There are no odd perfect numbers!" is one of those famous unsolved problems.)

When an amateur Math or Computer Science student is working on "P=NP" or another famous unsolved problem, he's saying "There's an important, easily discoverable, idea that all these scientists have missed."

The reason this is a common fallacy is because it's actually true. However, Math and Computer Science are not the places to be looking. The State-licensed experts in those areas actually do a pretty good job.

I know that most State-licensed ideas in Math and Computer Science are true, because I can verify them for myself as I learn. Math and Computer Science must be honestly taught. Otherwise, the smart students would not be fooled. If Math were taught dishonestly, then computers would not work and buildings would not stand. Of course, advanced thinking skills like Bayesian Reasoning are not part of the official State curriculum, except in certain areas of artificial intelligence.

There are a lot of "big ideas" that mainstream scientists have completely missed:

  • Taxation is theft!
  • The USA has a corrupt monetary system!
  • Government licensing requirements for doctors and other professions are damaging.
  • Who needs a government anyway? A true free market, where nobody has a monopoly of violence, is superior.
  • The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a fraud!
  • It might be possible to build a Zero Point Energy generator! (I'm not sure about this one.)
  • There might be very promising medical treatments suppressed by the medical licensing cartel! (I'm not sure about this one.)
The really interesting thing about Zero Point Energy and promising medical treatments is that non-State-licensed scientists occasionally make some interesting discoveries in this area. If they're too persistent, then they get raided by the State or they die mysteriously.

If you disagree with your teacher about a Math problem, the answer is almost always resolved on its merits. If you disagree with your history teacher, then the teacher automatically wins the dispute due to their State-backed authority. Therefore, smart people will study Math, but ignore subjects that are completely subjective due to pro-State brainwashing! The less objective areas of science are the ones where there's the most progress to be made!

Understanding "Taxation is theft! Who needs a government anyway?" and explaining it to other people is more important than any Math problem! It's more important than a proof that P!=NP.

If you want to be a State-licensed thinker in a "soft" science, you're really learning how to recite pro-State propaganda, rather than really becoming an independent thinker. "Progress" in soft sciences usually means "Come up with more convincing lies to support State propaganda!", rather than "Discover the truth!"

Peer-review prevents progress in science. It's as if someone invented peer review with the specific goal of stopping progress. The State has a near-monopoly for funding science research, so the peer review system has no competition.

The problem with peer review is that, once all the "scientists" in an area are brainwashed pro-State trolls, then all progress comes to a halt. All political science professors believe "Taxation is not theft!" All economics professor believe "The USA has a fair monetary system!" If a graduate student tries writing a PhD thesis exposing the truth, he's essentially calling out all his colleagues as frauds. In this manner, the truth is suppressed. The peer review system, combined with the State monopoly for funding research, prevent progress.

There really are important easily-discoverable truths that State-licensed experts have completely missed! The evil fnord is that people wind up looking for them in the area of Math, instead of looking in every other area!

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Anonymous said...

Zero Point? FSK, this is the same fnord as the government. Both perpetuate the idea that one can get something for nothing.

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