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Monday, December 28, 2009

"A Beautiful Mind" Fnord

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stefan Molyneux is a Murderer!":

Interestingly Dr Nash (he won the Economics Nobel prize) stopped taking his drugs totally.

Watch the movie below. The relevant part starts at around 21 minutes.

There was a movie about his life. (A Beautiful Mind). The producer of the movie decided not to tell the truth about Dr Nash stopping taking his medicines and decided instead to say Dr Nash moved to a more modern drug on the grounds that it is dangerous to suggest to people they can stop taking drugs for mental illnesses!
This is an important evil fnord. Many times a "historic" film has the facts altered, either to serve State propaganda needs or to make the story better.

I'd read the story of Nash before, but I didn't emphasize it here.

I have had a lot of Math training just like Nash. If you're a good Mathematician, you learn to think for yourself. Maybe it takes someone with that level of thinking ability to realize "Maybe these drugs are hurting me!" It's very hard for someone to refuse to take drugs, against the advice of your doctor.

When I was first forced to take psychiatric drugs, I didn't get full disclosure ahead of time. I panicked, called 911 for help, and then I was in the mental ward. I was a prisoner and could not leave. "You must take these drugs for the rest of your life!" seemed obviously wrong. I decided to conduct an experiment and stop taking the drugs. Even though I relapsed a couple of times, when I was well, I did my research and concluded that those drugs really are harmful and damaging.

Plus, a manic attack feels good! The only negative aspect was the "My parents panic and call 911. Psychiatrists kidnap me and forcibly drug me." Now, I've mostly cracked my pro-State brainwashing. I feel greater alertness and awareness. I should be able to avoid being involuntarily hospitalized again. It would be nice if I could explain the truth to my parents, but they'd never understand. I keep my ideas to myself for my personal safety. Blogging and the Internet have been a good means of gathering information and finding people who think like me.

In that video, Nash didn't have the outrage I would have expressed. He said "The director edited the facts, because he didn't want to suggest psychiatric drugs are harmful." I would have said "That mother****ing director lied to promote psychiatric drugs!"

Of course, the director might have faced legal liability if he suggested psychiatric drugs are harmful. Some lawyer at the film production company probably suggested changing that detail and nobody objected. Changing that minor detail makes the film an advertisement for the psychiatry/death industry.

Nash received money for the film. However, he didn't have any say over the actual content.

There was another interesting bit "The delusions portrayed Nash talking to an imaginary person, rather than the way the delusions really are." In my experience, the "delusions" were really that I was starting to see things that are actually there! For example, on the subway, I notice that all the other passengers are insane. That's not a delusion. It's real! It was very traumatic when I first started noticing it.

The best way to accurately portray psychotic delusions is like in the documentary "They Live!" However, it isn't special magic glasses. All of a sudden, you start seeing things as they actually are! I really do have the power of those special magic glasses!

For example, I now notice secret hidden messages when I watch TV. It isn't a delusion. They're actually there! I also notice parasitic body language by politicians and the comedians on the Communism Channel. It was very disturbing when I first started seeing them. Now, my reaction is "Oh, that again. Who do they think they're fooling?" "You see secret hidden messages on TV!" is one of the "symptoms" of schizophrenia. "Mental illness" is the disease of being able to see reality as it actually is.

I saw an advertisement for an antidepressant drug. It was one big evil fnord promoting the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness, in addition to the specific drug being sold. There was the explicit advertisement for the specific drug. There was a hidden advertisement, which is that drugs are the appropriate way to treat depression.

Drug companies spend billions of dollars a year marketing and lobbying. This makes it very hard for anyone to publicly criticize the psychiatry/death industry. A mainstream media corporation won't risk the billions of dollars spent on advertising. If you suggest that psychiatric drugs are harmful and people should stop taking them, then you might face legal liability.

Technically, a State prosecutor could say "FSK is guilty of 'practicing medicine without a license' when he says that the 'chemical imbalance' theory of mental illness is a fraud and people should stop taking psychiatric drugs cold turkey." In the corrupt trial, the State prosecutor would probably not even have the burden of proving that psychiatric drugs really are beneficial.

The movie completely altered the facts. Here's what really happened. As a young man, Nash did some great Math work. Then, he developed his "mental illness". He took psychiatric drugs. For years he was unable to work or do anything. He stopped taking the drugs, and then he started being a productive Mathematician again.

The movie said "Nash was sick because he stopped taking the drugs. He started taking them and recovered." The reality is that Nash recovered because he stopped taking the harmful drugs. Changing that detail completely reverses the meaning of the film. The actual story is a sharp criticism of the psychiatry/death industry. The altered story is an advertisement for the psychiatry/death industry.

When the film was made, they couldn't tell the truth "Nash got better because he stopped taking psychiatric drugs." Instead, they made up a lie, "Nash was helped by switching to modern psychiatric drugs." In effect, this made the film an advertisement for the pharmaceutical industry.

The producers of the movie thought "It would be irresponsible for us to suggest that psychiatric drugs are harmful." In fact, they could have been exposed to legal liability for telling the truth. So, they lied. However, saying "Psychiatric drugs are beneficial!" is immoral, because it's a lie. Unfortunately, it's a lie they can't be legally punished for making. The producers of that movie are an accomplice to murder as much as Stefan Molyenux.

Suppose I attempt "promote agorism via standup comedy". Suppose I am successful enough to get invited as a guest on a mainstream media program. If that occurs, I will point out that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a fraud. That places the mainstream media corporation in an awkward position. If they let me say that, then they're exposing themselves to a legal risk. Plus, they risk alienating pharmaceutical industry executives who spend millions of dollars on marketing/lobbying/bribing.

The mainstream media corporation executives have a greater loyalty to their own jobs and avoiding being sued, rather than telling the truth. This makes it very hard to tell the truth on a mainstream media program.

Fortunately, if I attempt "promote agorism via standup comedy", my goal is not to make millions of dollars. My goal is to make as much money as I would make as a slave software engineer. That should be attainable even if I'm restricted to self-publishing on the Internet and even if I'm never invited on a mainstream media program. If my live performances are sufficiently popular, then I should be invited on a mainstream media program eventually. I won't hold my breath waiting. My plans will assume that never occurs.

For now, I'm sticking with my wage slave software engineer job and blogging. I'm planning to expand to other things. I'm probably going to wait another year or two.

The move "A Beautiful Mind" is one big evil fnord promoting the psychiatry/death industry. It's an interesting example of catching the mainstream media red-handed altering the facts.


George Donnelly said...

Can I get an example of these secret messages you see on TV? I don't necessarily doubt you, just want to know.

Anonymous said...

i knew i stopped reading this blog for a good reason. i started reading it again last week when i was bored, and here i am, a week later, tossing it back to the reject bin.

FSK is, for the most part, a decent source of info, but is extremely belligerent when someone doesn't agree with him. he believes that just because he had a bad experience with psychiatry (like i did), that that means that the entire industry is some grand conspiracy. i don't believe that. therapy and even medication helps some people. but it isn't for everyone. those drugs can be dangerous for some people. i don't know what FSK's real situation is, but he certainly has some kind of persecution complex.

my guess is that the reason stefan molyneux suggests seeking professional help is because he is not a professional psychologist and clearly states that all the time. he could likely get into trouble if he doesn't mention that. he is presenting evidence that he has researched and invites the listener/watcher to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

FSK, on the other hand, declares that you're against him if you disagree with him on anything, and throws a temper tantrum. it's shocking that the readership isn't getting much bigger and that the All Talk No Action Agorist Revolution isn't even one step closer to smashing the state.

Anonymous said...

There are other fnords in the book and movie.In the book one of Nash's "delusions" is that there is a secret communist/stalinist conspiracy to control the whole world.Incedently have you read the zen and art of motorcycle maintance?

George Donnelly said...

Oh it is so easy to tear down Anonymous. And even easier when you do it anonymously.

That right there auto-discredits your comments in my eyes.

FSK has useful things to say. When there is something I don't like, I state it and give my reasons. Reasonable folks can disagree politely.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today following a link to the post on Ruby (which I'm supposed to learn and have found to, indeed, suck) and skimmed through 'till this post, gotta say it felt misplaced in what I thought to be one of them tech-only blogs.
But I found the story compelling, as it home to me, and not to agree or disagree completely on your point, I'd just like to share a little portion of my experience to add a point which I think is crucial to this issue.

I was prescribed what in my country is called "black label", those last resource type of controlled medication. Thing is it was the doctors' first option of treatment. I was desperate though, needing to function, so I went for it. First day on them and I couldn't even bathe myself. I knew what I had to do, but the message did't get through, like my brain was a phantom limb. A month, yes, a full month in, and I started getting better. All my symptoms faded, I was always ready, in the brightest moods, practical.Awsome ain't it?
Well, 4 months in it wasn't so much. I was indifferent to problem, it seemed. People's aflictions, as my own, were little annoyances I could ignore, laugh at and move on to my perfect happy life. I was so giddy I didn't realize my cousin was drunk when she gave me a ride and crashed us into a lightpost. I stopped the medication to take painkillers, and from there on it all came disturbingly clear.

As I said, my case was a big mess up and I'm not advertising anything on the post's issue, just on this issue: that you're not supposed to be happy all the time.
We can experience a rich, wide range of pleasent and unpleasent emotions for a reason, and trying to numb some for your convenience is plain idiotic.

After I got off the meds and went after therapy to get a hold of myself, my mom said I should get back on them, 'cause I was happy then.

Conspiracies, lobbysts, profits aside... there are many, many problems that don't require medication, just some basic, primitive, honest facing yourself.

Take notice of most medication ads. They're for stuff you're natural to experience.
Conditions that require drug treatment rarely, if ever, get air time simply for the fact that the people who need them are not enough in their minds to seek a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I saw a PBS documentary about Dr. Nash which included an interview with him and his son. I don't know whether or not he was using medication at the time of the interview but, either way, it certainly didn't seem like he "got better" (in my unprofessional opinion it seemed like Dr. Nash was suffering from some sort of Psychological/Neurological disorder).

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