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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The "F*** Google!" FireFox Extension

I'm *REALLY* angry at Google now. Google kicked me out of their AdSense network for "invalid click activity".

I'm now actively trying to de-Google myself. I'm eager to get off Blogger and self-host. Gmail has a *VERY GOOD* anti-spam filter, but alternatives may be better.

I'm so angry at Google that I now want to click on every single AdSense ad I see, just to **** up their ad network. Via AdSense, advertisers pay per clickthrough. If a substantial percentage of Internet users did this, Google's business model would implode.

I realized that manually clicking on every AdSense ad I see would be tedious. I then realized "I can write a FireFox extension that does this!"

I could write a FireFox extension that, every time you visit a page with AdSense on it, picks a random sample of 1-3 ads and clicks on them for you (without rendering the page to the user). It would do the same thing for search result pages. A randomized time delay would be introduced, so the clicks wouldn't be obviously fraudulent.

What do you think? Such a FireFox extension, even if only used by 3%-5% of Internet users, would make Google's business model implode. It would swamp their ad network with invalid clicks.


Anonymous said...

People on balance like Google, so they just won't use Adsense. That's not unreasonable. It's not like other people's experiences with AdSense weren't out there.

Anonymous said...

YES! YES! Now you are thinking!

There was a google-f**k firefox extension that generated random search requests to google. The idea was that you were generating so many searches that the engine would not be able to track you effectively. I think it was called 'haystack' or something like that.

Unfortunately, the writers were stupid and the requests were from a pre-set list that was somehow distributed (not too often). One day I looked at my router logs at the requests that were generated and almast ***pped my pants as the words 'terrorist', 'bomb', etc. were repeatedly searched for. Not quite what I had in mind.

So yes, good idea.

But an autonomous ad clicker would be even better. Not connected to the browser at all, masquerading as a real browser in the request. You may have realized by now that 'reusing' code is an idiot's game and writing a simple HTML tag parser that catches ad networks is MUCH easier than trying to interface to the voluminous libraries and badly documented firefox parser code, as an extention or a plugin.

Good luck.

Happyily anonymous.

Kiba said...

FSK, please do not defraud google no matter how angry you are!

Just because they caused you grief doesn't mean you have the right to engage into unethical actions.

Stick to your principle!

Anonymous said...

De-googling is not easy, and trust me,you're not the first to want it.

Keep us updated as to how far you can go.

Anonymous said...

A previous responder calls this 'fraud'.

That is simply moronic.

How I choose to click on the garbage served by ad networks to my screen is my business. The above-mentioned troll probably thinks not watching TV commercials is fraud too. To heck with you!

Once you present something to me on the screen it is mine to deal with! If I choose to click on it all day, that is entirely my right. If you don't like it, don't send it to my screen, little troll!

Don't hurt google, please? What the hell is wrong with you! Google hardly needs your protection, chickenbrain. It knows ALL about YOU, and I hope it uses it against you in ways that I haven't yet thought of.

Mr. Anonymoto

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the other day

In case you've not decided your domain name yet

Maybe get "Free Speech Kane/Kush/Kin" (FSK) or "FiSKal Guide"...just thoughts, whatever is easiest to memorize, read and spread out.

fritz said...

I think this idea is fantastic. I would like to be involved. I would be most interested in the effect it would have. And wonder if the stats. could be tracked. Who knows, if you set it up right Google might beg you to stop, and even offer you money to quit.

Sounds like good google fun, lets play


Anonymous said...

I'd think that would have the effect of getting good content providers banned from adsense. Especially if it's just you, or a handful of users from this blog using it.

Anonymous said...

Given what I have read from your blog, I seriously doubt you will ever release this extension. But let's suppose you do...

Google is our best hope for defending net neutrality. I have very little faith in 'the grass roots' and I do not think there are other major firms with a vested interest in maintaining it.

To be fair, I have not given this much thought.

If Google is not necessary for net neutrality...then the sooner it goes down in flames, the better. Google is not really adding much value anymore, IMO.

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