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Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Going Galt" Fnord

I've been seeing some of references to "Going Galt" in the mainstream media. This article is a typical example. As expected, the articles are pro-State trolling.

What would happen if all the bankers, lawyers, and CEOs went on strike and refused to work? Everyone else would be totally screwed!

That's like saying "What would happen if the parasite class refused to leech?" The article is confusing "parasite class" with "productive class".

People are intentionally living in poverty, to avoid supporting the State.

Again, this misses the point.

The key is to create wealth that the bad guys can't easily steal. I don't want to intentionally live in poverty. I like the conveniences of modern civilization. I don't want to support criminal activity via taxes.

Besides, even if I took an on-the-books job and stayed below the taxation threshold, I'm still supporting the bad guys via the Social Security and Medicare tax.

Ayn Rand is dead, so I can't explain agorism to her and see what she thinks. Even if she were alive, and said "Agorism is stupid!", that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

A weird cult has developed around Ayn Rand. In graduate school, I went to an "Ayn Rand discussion group" once. I expected it to be interesting. They were a bunch of fruitcakes.

I noticed an interesting trend. "Famous author tends to have their movement hijacked by fruitcakes after they die."

My favorite Ayn Rand story is a rumor that she once dated Alan Greenspan.

I consider agorism to the way to implement Ayn Rand's vision of a strike by productive workers.


Supernova Girl said...

If I'm not mistaken, Ayn Rand's 'Anthem' is required reading by the NYC Dept. Of Education. (I worked in a bookstore & used to stock the Summer Reading shelves. There usually was a choice between Ayn Rand's Anthem & Joseph Heller's Catch 22. I would then proceed to point to where the Cliff-Notes are shelved)

& I'm with you on taxes being highway robbery. Literally.

I live on SI, and with these MTA fare hikes, they want to raise the price of the Verazanno Bridge to 13 bucks. I swear, the City must think Staten Island is the lost city of El Dorado.

PS:I sent you fanmail! (IDK, do you get that kind-of stuff?)

Anonymous said...

The only difference Rand had was that she appointed a crazy person, peikoff, before she died to be her pope.
She also rejected the nostate argument by saying violent gangs would take over, and her chapter on state without violating rights was bogus.
She also said that if you disagreed with her in any way you couldn't call yourself objectivist, which is just a whole other level of extremism.

Josh said...

Have you seen "The Passion of Ayn Rand"?

It shows her doing Nate even though they're 25 years apart.

barry b. said...

Let's see how long this lasts. I've got a feeling not long, and I seriously doubt anyone is going to actually quit their jobs. Things simply haven't gotten that bad yet, as in these individuals aren't necessarily paying more taxes at this time - and these same fruits certainly didn't 'Go Galt' when Bush doubled the National Debt... or triple it? Can't remember...

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