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Thursday, March 5, 2009

FSK Asks - .com or .net

I'm starting to think about potential domains for my new website. I picked a good name, did an availability check for the ".com" version, and some ***hole started domain squatting it a few days later. Some registrars look through "domain availability checks" and register anything that looks decent.

I checked the ".net" version, and it's still available. My question is:

My question is "Should I take the '.net' version, or pick a different name and use '.com'?"

I saw a bunch of people saying "Your domain *MUST* be '.com', or you won't be taken seriously." How important is it to have a .com domain over .net? Should I pick the .net version of my original name, or try something else and take a .com?

Maybe ".net" would be more appropriate than ".com", considering the nature of my blog?


Anonymous said...

Why not .org? Regardless of if you're making money off of advertising, the goal of your blog at this point is to educate the masses regarding the benefits of agorism and the evils of the state, "taxation is theft", and so on, no?

.org, in my opinion at least, tells me "this site has a higher calling, and their mission drives them more than money does". No problem making money, just that different sites have different goals.

barry b. said...


get the .com version and then buy up the rest as well like .net .org .tv .biz.

Some company is sitting on the .com version of my site but I've got the next 4 most likely bought and redirected to my page. It really doesn't matter for me because nearly all of my traffic comes from google search engine. com or net it doesn't matter to google. But try and get all of them if you can because if you are successful someone elsee will buy up the .com and make a mirror site. I need to contact the company that owns the .com version but I'd be willing to be they want thousands and they can keeep it. I don't need it anyway with all traffic coming from search engine.

gilliganscorner said...

Maybe ".net" would be more appropriate than ".com", considering the nature of my blog?

Heh. For everything you have taught your readers, how about .edu? ;) Oh wait. That is a State owned domain. Oh...the irony.

David Z said...

I agree with barry b. With the proliferation of teh interwebz, a .net domain is no longer viewed as suboptimal by most people, as it might've been back in 2001.

Considering that you can buy the other domains (.biz, .org) for a few dollars a year, you might as well snatch up as many others as you can.

I'd go with your first choice in name, even if you can't get a preferred ".com" top-level domain. As long as you keep putting out good content, it'll speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

Many of mine are even domains like .info...but I am not interested at all in branding or type-ins. All organic search. For what I do, I'd rather have a keyword domain with a .net or .info or whatever than have brandable .com. For what you are doing, I would get the best available .com.

I always use Domain Tools to check my domains and I have never had a problem with domain squatting after I check. Some of my ideas get taken, but only when I fail to act fast enough. Since I am finding good names, I can't be surprised if there is some competition for them. Though I am surprised how often I can find a keyword domain for a keyword with huge natural search numbers that has never been registered before.

Josh said...

.com and .org are best (easiest to read and remember)

shorter the better, some names are better with dashes, some are not.

It all depends on your personal preference.

Chrono said...

You generally have good taste, in my view. So I'd say you've got a good domain name. In my very subjective preference, .com is the coolest of the domains, I'm sure because .com is the most 'popular' by American internet user standards. If you want to get contrarian, why not register :) I recommend the .com above all. If there is any way you can get the .com without breaking the bank, this is your best option.

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