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Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Start a Country

Starting your own country is very simple.

  1. Establish of monopoly of violence in an area. Eliminate all your competition.
  2. Collect taxes/tribute from your victims.
  3. Establish a monopoly of money. Replace free market money (gold and silver) with your unbacked paper. Inflate at a carefully controlled rate, so that people's savings are stolen, but not so fast that they get disgusted and boycott your money. Make it illegal to use gold or silver as money.
  4. Brainwash your victims to believe that your theft is morally just.
  5. Establish a system of fake justice, so that your arbitrary decrees are enforced and given an appearance of legitimacy. Make up a Constitution, so that people have the illusion that their rights are protected.
  6. Establish a monopoly of information, via control of TV and newspapers. Require mandatory schooling/brainwashing for all children.
  7. Establish universities, where biased researchers proclaim the brilliance of your leadership.
  8. Now that you have a monopoly of information, allow people to elect their own rulers. Since you control the media, only candidates you approve can be elected. You may rule without anyone being consciously aware of your power.
  9. Pretend to have wars with other leaders, so you can proclaim to your slaves how you are better than all other masters.
  10. Make sure that all workers have most of their productivity drained by taxes. This way, they won't have the resources to oppose and overthrow you.
  11. Establish corporations that control each industry. If any of the people you assign to manage them misbehave, then it is easy to discredit them.
An agorist has a goal of establishing free market competition with the current government. Once there is true free market competition and nobody has a monopoly of violence, then it will be practically impossible to establish a new monopoly again.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the current situation has become possible because majority is stupid and lazy?

We have been given a great system to live in by our benevolent founding fathers. We sold it for government substituting our lack of willpower and desire to work.

Now, we are in the country you have just described (above).

I don't think it is possible to naturally return to freedom by agorism or any other process, because I have seen that in practice, the millions of dumb asses will stop the process and accept a malevolent dictator. So, the only way to the freedom is through a benevolent dictator. Dumb people support either, and that is a benefit, they are too dumb to know the difference. But because they are the majority, there always will be mass support for dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that #5 is true. The constitutions real purpose was to create a egalitarian society based on freedom but over the years it has been distorted to what we have now. I would also add a #12 Create the idea of a country entitled to patriotism from it's subjects based on certain events of the past that can never be overridden no matter how bad things get. Patriotism is a very powerful force that overlooks all deficits focusing solely on the positives at the expense of reality.

Zargon said...

How the current situation came about is irrelevant. If it came about because people are stupid, government is immoral. If it came about because of a conspiracy of the ruling class, government is immoral.

The system the founding fathers created included methods of taxing people who did not consent to the creation of the system. Taxation is theft, theft is immoral, so the system is and always has been immoral, from the second they brought it into being.

Whether it's possible or not for anybody on Earth to become free of governments doesn't change the fact that government, by definition (collects tax), is immoral. A true benevolent dictatorship would be one where the dictator enjoys no special privileges or rights that everybody else does not also enjoy, in which case he would be just another dude, and there would be no government.

The constitution's real purpose is irrelevant. Whether it was drafted for the purpose of helping or harming people doesn't change the fact that it is now a very effective illusion.

Anonymous said...


Could you please, when you have time, do an analysis of RipplePay, and how it might help agorism? Or not?

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