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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mental Health Clinic Observations

I've been going to the local mental health clinic for outpatient "treatment".

Since I'm not hospitalized, my psychiatrist can't force me to take drugs. After talking with several psychiatrists, I've noticed how stupid most of them are. Most of them have no emotional empathy at all. If a patient complains "This drug has side effect X", the psychiatrist assumes that X is a symptom of the underlying mental illness, and prescribes drug Y to mask the side effect, causing even more complications. Such stupidity is only possible when the psychiatrist is totally out of touch with his patient/victim.

Even though it's obvious that my psychiatrist is retarded, I still see it for amusement, and because my parents would freak out if I refused to see the psychiatrist anymore.

I also have a therapist. Previously, I had a good therapist. She was open to the possibility that I was doing the best I could, given the circumstances, and some of the people around me were being unreasonable. However, that therapist moved on to a better job. My current therapist follows the usual "All of FSK's problems are FSK's fault!", which is useless advice. I always do the best I can. I really do believe that nearly all the people around me are completely insane. What usually happens is a small handful of abusive people manipulate others for their own benefit, and most people don't have the proper defense to deal with abusive people. I'm *VERY* good at recognizing abusive people now, which means the abusive people nearly instantly target me for elimination.

In most job interviews, at least one interviewer is the abusive personality type. This discredits the "interview by committee" approach, because the abusive person can guarantee that nobody who sees through his manipulations is ever hired. "Interview by committee" essentially means "The abusive person gets veto power over who is hired!"

It's also disappointing to notice the *HUGE* amount of children in the clinic. It seems like half the patients are parents with a doped-up child. It's very depressing to see, but there isn't anything I can do about it. The children/victims also seem much less energetic compared to "normal" children, due to the effect of the drugs.

Also, the clinic doesn't give any appointments after 6pm, which sucks for people who work. They appear to assume by default that all the patients/victims/customers are on welfare. When I get a new job (hopefully with health insurance), I'll switch to someone not affiliated with the clinic, so I can get an evening or weekend appointment.

The mental health clinic smells of death. That's hard to quantify, but it's definitely noticeable. It comes from the overall condition of the building, the attitude of the staff, and the doped-up patients/victims.

Overall, it's a depressing place to visit. I keep going because my parents would freak out if I refused to go there anymore. Further, it's an interesting educational experience, understanding your enemy. As long as I'm not involuntarily hospitalized, my psychiatrist can't force me to take drugs. I'm lucky that there never was a court order forcing me to take the harmful drugs; other people are not so lucky. For now, it's amusing to observe the lies of my psychiatrist and therapist, knowing 100% they're lies.


Anonymous said...

i have a degree in psychology and took the "pre-med" classes with the hopes of going to medical school and becoming a psychiatrist. i had the grades for it easily and also the fake/hated "extracurricular activities" that improved my application. then my cousin (educational psychologist) was convinced i needed to be hospitalized because i was "depressed" and i don't socialize with every person i come in contact with. i was held against my will for a week while being convinced that i "wanted" to be there and that it was best for me. everyone there was just like you described. there were guys from the army, managers of grocery stores, middle-aged guys going through a mid-life crisis, etc. we were all given tons of medication. the psychiatrist that i spoke with talked to me for *10* minutes before giving me 4 different meds. one of them literally made me psychotic. previously i was sluggish and unhappy ("depressed"), but she concluded in 10 minutes that i needed anti-psychotic meds because i said i have trust issues with others and because i don't like crowded areas. i became psychotic AFTER i started taking this one pill (which cost 150 bucks for about 20 of them). i took it 3 times and was told by my parents that i was wandering around and babbling to myself and acting like a lunatic, and so i refused it from there on. strangely i went back to being normal. i kept taking the sleeping meds, anti-anxiety meds, and the depression meds. i still felt the same - sluggish and mentally tired. so once i was on my own a few months later, i quit taking all of it. and guess what? i became a completely normal person! i got over my period of mild depression by being more social and not staying locked up in my apartment. the medicine did nothing for me.

i am simply someone who doesn't like new social situations (like my dad) and i have a low level of trust with people that i have just met. it is probably because i have been burned so many times by people that i have trusted quickly and because i tend to attract psychopaths. i think this is because the truly evil people know that i won't be evil to them in return and so they take advantage of me. for example, i have always attracted the weirdos at school and even befriended them because i felt bad for them and don't like to see people sitting alone by themselves. also, several women i have had extensive relationships with have turned out to be true psychos with actual mental problems. when i am around people like that, i feed off of it and turn into a weirdo myself until i successfully sever the relationship. i also figured out that most of life is a total lie (government, military, cops, court, priests, economics, etc). so this means i am "abnormal" and "paranoid" and need medication. what a load of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we neurotic and mentally deficient cro-magnons will believe the Scientology fnord of Tom Cruise and escape our wallowing in the abyssmal pit of anxiety. We will do that as soon as we regain our balance on the tightrope of life, assuming that paranoia is universally unimagined.

fritz said...

Fsk,,I think you are on to something..I work with herbs on the side,and if you were to do some research your self. I believe you could find some natural herbs you could use to good affect. they are inexpensive and have no side affects. I am also a homeopath,I suggest homeopath Gelsemium at 200c potency from what I have read about you. It would cost you about 8 bucks, there are no drugs involved. Its actually yellow jasmine. I have used it several times with great success. that's all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Dude you need to forget about whether or not your parents are going to freak out and grow a pair and do what YOU want to do!

Anonymous said...

I attended a show in Seattle last year where they had posters, short videos about psychiatry. The session showed that psychiatry is not really a science but a scam.

Google for "psychiatry scam" - you will find videos, books, blogs on the subject. I encourage you to learn about it.

I am a new reader of your blog and really like the good writing. I find it hard to believe that you have any psychiatry disease.

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