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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FSK Asks - Google AdSense

I'm thinking of moving to self-hosting, and adding a Google ad widget. I'm considering adding a Google ad widget here as a trial run.

My question is: "How much revenue would a site like mine expect to make per visitor per day?" I get around 200 Absolute Unique Visitors per day and 6k+ per month.

Would that be enough to raise $10/month (after taxes) so I can cover my hosting expense? If I get $0.01 per monthly Absolute Unique Visitor, that's enough to cover my costs, but I don't know how valuable advertisements would be on a site like mine.

I'd really like to be able to directly sell individual ads, but I don't have the size for that. Plus, most blogging networks come with strings attached. I'm thinking Google AdSense is the best option for now, for converting my blog to a for-profit business. Google ads is the easiest way to raise some money without selling out my editorial control. Eventually, I'd like to move into practical agorism as a "profit from blog" idea.

With Google advertising income, it would be automatically reported to the State and I'd have to pay income tax on the revenue. However, it's worth it if I can clear my hosting costs. I really should get out of the wage slave track and start my own business.

I'm probably going to put up a Google AdSense widget here and in my RSS feed, as an experiment, so I can justify spending $10/month on hosting. I should be able to clear at least my hosting costs. When I told my parents my blog gets 200+ readers per day, their reaction was "That's a lot!" When I first started, 200 regular readers per day would have seemed like a lot. I still haven't made any progress towards practical agorism, and there still are billions of clueless sleeping pro-State trolls.

I shouldn't feel guilty using Adsense. For now, I should support myself the best I can, given the context of a slave economy.


Anonymous said...

Drop me an email dixieflatline --- and I'd be happy to provide some info and feedback.

Trying to answer people in blogger comments isn't conducive to a conversation.

Anonymous said...

FSK, you are forgetting all the readers you get via RSS. I read your blog via Google Reader and I presume that I'm not the only one. As the median percentage of RSS readers is about 11% of all visits, you could say you have 220 visits.

On the hosting side, you should probably use WP and a cheap hosting service. Wordpress has all the relevant as spaces built into the system, so it's pretty easy to add the ad widgets.

FSK said...

There's also a AdSense RSS Widget. I'd probably add that also.

It appears that I'd only make $5/month, based on what DixieFlatline and Mike Gogulski wrote via E-Mail.

I'd need to purchase actual hosting, because I want to write my own PHP/Forum/AgoristBay engine. I can't do that via Blogger or WordPress.

Anonymous said...

FSK, check out TLA. I bet you could make a couple hundred $$ a year by selling ad inventory in the investing and financial categories.

Just do it. All you need is a paypal account to receive the money in (good for keeping away from parents too...)

Anonymous said...

FSK, you are a smart guy, you have a sense of honor, and yet you are willing to sell your dedicated readers down the sewer to a corporation that monitors everything we do, including our email, our web searches and most small sites via atrocious google analytics.

The truth is that your writing has given some of us hope, and we follow you and your tribulations, you discoveries and disappointments because we actually like you.

I don't think you can make a living writing your blog, but if you are talking about $10 per month, I am sure you can raise that much through direct donations.

I am a bit offended that you would think of us as cattle to sell to Google at a penny per ad (not to mention that anyone with a brain loads Adblock Plus and NoScript and blocks all scripts and ads anyway, especially google analytics and the like).

Google is about as evil as it gets. The information Google collects is vast and most people are only beginning to understand what it means to have a log of all their email, every search they ever launch, and a comprehensive log of all the sites they visit. Google keeps that information, and sells it. If the government wants it, they will have it. The State no longer has to spy on people - Google does it for them.

There are many free thinking agorists in the making who right now will not visit any google-owned sites - the benefit is outweighed by becoming a Matrix-style 'crop' for the state.

Please don't treat us as cattle. More and more of us are becoming educated with the ways of the Google.

fritz said...

FSK..I think you should go for it. Do your research and give it a try.Because mainly you want to do it. And if it doesn't work out you can always move back to your blog.

I'm excited for you,you have a great way of seeing through the bull shit and telling it like it is. you will most likely pick up more readers and be able to spread in a greater way.

best of luck,,,,,,,,Fritz

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous Anon. poster. Google is collecting a huge case on everyone whether they admit to it or not. Some, like myself and Anon. poster above, already understand it. Others, are waiting to be awaken some time later, by some horrendous court proceeding, where Google will be made to present their logs.

More importantly, this may not happen anytime soon, and the government may retrieve the information from Google quietly, without raising public concern.

Anyway, I am what, 1 out of may-be 300 posting to this blog? I am about to be sold to Google on conditions of Google? For about 3 cents a month?

And FSK, this is how your agoristBay is going to work? You are going to put us all under the gunsights of people like Google?

I'm gone the moment I see an Ad. It would suck for me FSK, because I came to like this place. But here is the rub: You ain't much of an agorist if you can't refuse the bait.

And what's with this parent's thing? FSK, are you underage? I thought you're adult since you were blogging about job and being fired...

Anonymous said...

I think another commenter hit on a good idea and that is ask for a donation instead. You could just try putting a little e-gold donation box on the side, and you would probably get a better response. Chip-ins work really well too.

I second the Google precautions. I don't know if I trust Scroogle yet either though.

Hey, come check out my blog I just started,, I linked to ya!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anonymous 11:08p and 12:43p. I'll chip-in $5/mo for the great content if I don't have to see advertising. If it's $10/mo for hosting, you're halfway there.

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