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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Undemocratic Bailouts

The US government is falsely described as a democracy.

The $700 billion banking industry bailout bill is nearly finalized. According to some sources, over 99% of the people who called or wrote their Congressman were against their bailout.

In other words, the banking bailout law almost passed against the wishes of 99%+ of the population. This should destroy all pretense that the US is a democracy.

The current version of the banking bailout law failed. There probably will be another attempt.

I don't even see a mainstream media source conducting a poll "Do you favor or oppose the $700 billion banking bailout?" The results would be so embarrassing that they didn't bother doing it.

Similarly, the Iraq war continues, even though 70%+ of the people oppose it. In a pure democracy, the Iraq war would end once a majority opposed it. The Democrats won a majority in Congress in 2006, with the Iraq war as one of the key issues. Still, they did not end the Iraq war.

The USA is not a Constitutional republic or a republic either. The US Constitution no longer places any meaningful restrictions on what the Federal government may do. Most individual Congressmen wield no meaningful power. Either they're a distinct minority like Ron Paul, or they're thoroughly brainwashed and controlled by their advisers and lobbyists. The government is controlled by a handful of insiders.

The presumption is "State employees know better than the average person." A $700 billion bailout will "stimulate the economy" (i.e., stimulate the profits of a handful of insiders). The Iraq war must continue, because the President and his advisers know things that the average person does not. The average person does not know how to invest their salary or savings. Therefore, the State must do it for them. It's a good thing that the average person has no say in government, because they might not vote for laws and donations favoring politically connected insiders.

If you don't want to support the huge parasite of government and the US financial industry, your best option is agorism. You should boycott the Federal Reserve and income tax. You should use sound money, gold or silver or barter. You can't "Work within the system to achieve reform!", because the system is completely broken.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at