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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Human Whisperer

I actually found an approach that's working to retrain my abusive parents somewhat. I'm using the "Dog Whisperer" approach. I give my parents immediate negative feedback when they do something wrong. It's working somewhat.

The "Dog Whisperer" is right. When someone enters an aggressive/dominant mental state, you need to immediately break their mental state so they can snap back to a "calm/submissive" mental state. I don't think "submissive" is the right word. I think "calm/normal" state is more accurate.

A "red zone" dog is a dog that's so messed up it needs to be murdered. The dog isn't safe to live with humans, because of the risk of someone getting attacked. A normal dog that is well-treated and trained won't normally attack humans.

Just like there are "red zone" dogs, there also are "red zone" humans. These are the true psychopaths. For example, the idiot new manager at my recent job is actually a "red zone" human. He uses lies and manipulation to get his way, but doesn't produce anything of tangible value. His only skill was manipulation; he had no ability to write software or manage a software project. Normally, we call "red zone" humans "leaders". "Red zone" humans excel at using the State for their own personal benefit, without producing tangible goods. Most high-ranking State employees are probably actually "red zone" humans. In situations where there is abusable power, "red zone" humans tend to congregate.

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Monkt said...

So you are saying red zone humans mostly work in the red market?

This Blog Has Moved!

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