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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The True Purpose of Trial by Jury

Trial by jury, in its present form, provides practically no protection to criminal defendants. Then why bother with the pretense of having a jury trial? What purpose does trial by jury have?

For example, someone smart and knowledgeable has practically zero chance of being chosen for a jury. If you show the ability to think independently, then you won't be chosen to sit on a jury.

What purpose does the jury have?

In a typical trial, only 12 people will be chosen to sit on the jury. However, 100-200+ people will be dragged through questioning and they will see the defendant being held against his will.

The true purpose of the jury is that those 100-200 people can see the defendant! They are shown "See what happens when you disobey the State!" The benefit of trial by jury is not to protect the defendant. The jury selection process intimidates all the people who are *NOT* chosen for the jury!

This is a very interesting insight. By dragging a lot of people through the court to observe a trial, they are conditioned to believe "See what happens when you disobey the State!" Most people aren't the direct victim of State violence. Seeing *OTHER* people be the victim helps keep you submissive!


Mike said...

Insightful. I'll buy it!

gilliganscorner said...

It is exactly the same thing when a taxation agency reports successful prosecutions. They would NEVER report a successful acquittal.

You can see it here (for Canada):

Kill one to terrify 10,000.

barry b said...

I disagree with your point. The history of the jury is a long and important one. The jury exists as a checks and balances to bad laws.. as well as the opportunity to guarantee a fellow citizen justice. However I'll agree that an honest patriot wouldn't get selected. I believe in jury nullification. If your job as a juror is to only do what the judge or lawyers instruct you to "even if it goes against what you personally believe is moral or ethical" then why have a jury? Our courts have become a joke that are designed to do little more than guarantee the thickness of the lawyers wallets - at least with civil cases. The Pitt Bull is off the leash...

David Z said...

Barry, I'm with you! One's 'job' as a juror is predicated unfortunately on the immorality of being compelled to judge a man against laws to which he would not have agreed.

jury nullification has been a hot topic of mine during the last few months...

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