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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Voting Libertarian is Pointless

I found an interesting article on why Libertarians are fools, referenced as a link this article in Wally Conger's blog. Essentially, he's repeating my arguments about The Voting Scam. For someone to be a libertarian and seek elected office is a contradiction, because a true libertarian thinks that all forms of government are evil.

As I said elsewhere, government is merely a group of people conspiring to confiscate my property. Until you come to the conclusion that government is a bunch of criminals, you aren't thinking properly.

That article makes another point I had not mentioned before. I do not have the right to steal from you. Therefore, via voting, I cannot empower someone else to steal from you via taxes.

No amount of voting can give legitimacy to the income tax, even if 99% of the voters approved of it. The income tax is theft, and to call the income tax as anything other than theft is dishonest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree all forms of tax are theft. However how would you defend this claim, if 99% vote for it? "Democracies" are programed to accept 'majority vote' which gives 'power' to representatives of the people.

btw I have been reading Herbert Spencer The Man versus The State and am pleasantly surprised by his ideas. I was led to believe he was a crusty Social Darwinist and Malthusian before I started to read this book. I think he makes some great arguments against The State and majority rule.

This Blog Has Moved!

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