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Friday, September 14, 2007

Slave Rally September 15

On September 15, 2007, there are plans for a big protest in Washington D.C., protesting the Iraq war.

Of course, these people are wasting their time. The President and Congress, quite frankly, don't care what the average person thinks. Voting is pointless. Political activism is pointless.

The protesters are merely slaves petitioning their masters to be less cruel.

The President and the Republicans want to continue the war so their backers can continue to profit from it. The Democrats want to continue the war so they can make an issue out of it in the 2008 election.

There won't be progress until people realize that the key problem is the structural flaws in the economic and political system. An unfair monetary system enslaves everyone under a crushing debt burden and subsidizes large corporations. A corrupt taxation system allows the President to confiscate 40-50% of the wealth of the country, and waste it on no-bid contracts for his backers and fighting a pointless war. It isn't possible to achieve meaningful reforms by voting or protesting.

A protest makes people think that they're doing something, when in fact they are wasting their time.

The only solution that really hurts the bad guys is setting up your own private monetary system. You should trade in private without reporting it to the government for taxation, confiscation, and regulation.

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So this blog entry is not a waste of your time?

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