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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Osama bin Emmanuel Goldstein

A new "Osama bin Laden tape" was released recently. Government experts have certified it as being authentic. Amateurs on the Internet say it is a poor quality fake. They say that whoever made the fake Osama bin Laden tape didn't even bother making a high-quality forgery.

The people who think they control the government aren't really interested in capturing or killing Osama bin Laden. After all, if they acknowledge he was killed, it would be harder to get people excited about the war on terrorism.

The point of the war on terrorism is not that it will end eventually. The war on terror is an excuse to increase the government's power and surveillance capabilities. The war on terrorism will last as long as the US government continues to exist. The last thing the Supreme Leader of Humanity wants is the war on terrorism to end.

Osama bin Laden is exactly like the Emmanuel Goldstein character in 1984. The point is not to kill or capture him. The point is to have a powerful enemy who can never be defeated.

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Anonymous said...

To me this is obvious, I should think most thinking people would agree...there is no dialogue...only a monologue where the corporate media tells people what to think and what the news is. Only the most dumbed down citizens will believe this.

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