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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reader Mail #6a - Media Bias and Anarchy

I don't understand why there's such a big deal about the President of Iran giving a speech at Columbia. Why shouldn't people who benefit from terrorism be allowed to speak publicly? The President and members of Congress give speeches all the time.

In Reader Mail #6, an anonymous reader wrote:

hey good post I agree with all of it and see the benefits of anarchy.

I think most of us who have grown up under 'a State', fear the idea that 'no state' would mean a world like Mad Max (old 1980s film with Mel Gibson starring).

Thomas Hobbes spoke of a similar scenario . This is just a irrational fear, but to overcome it we would need real living examples. Of course such examples are prevented from emerging by the 'State'.

There is a lot of media bias that a society without a centralized monopolistic government would be excessively violent.

I read an article that said the "Wild West" was actually an extremely orderly society. The idea that the frontier was total chaos is a media myth. The "Wild West" myth is designed to spread propaganda that anarchy doesn't work.

There also is a problems with slave religions like Christianity. They teach that "people are intrinsically evil", and therefore a powerful monopolistic government is needed to keep them in line.

That is the advantage of agorism. Agorists doesn't just say "we should have anarchy". Agorism presents a model for how a society without a monopolistic government would be stable. Agorism provides a method for defeating the state. If you participate in an agorist grey market economy, you are showing a profit and undermining the government at the same time.

It's time to find people willing to trade "off the books" without reporting your transactions to the red market bad guys. The only way to be convinced that an agorist society would be stable is to perform an experiment.

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Anonymous said...

The Christian teaching of human depravity is actually an argument against centralized power.

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