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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Absolutely Smallest Political Quiz

I see this site frequently cited. It's called the world's smallest political quiz. I realized that it's possible to write a smaller and more accurate quiz. My quiz has only one question.

Question: Should there be a government?
If you click on "Yes.", then your political classification is "Brainwashed Idiot".
If you click on "No.", then you qualify as having more political awareness than 99.9% of the world's population.

If Blogger supported it, I'd code it up as html. That has to wait until I get my own site.

Notice that "the world's smallest political quiz" has a bias. "Anarchist" or "agorist" is not one of the possible conclusions. The most freedom-oriented choice is "libertarian".


gilliganscorner said...

Depends on the purpose of your quiz. Is the purpose of your quiz to educate the brainwashed or identify them?

Unfortunately, no government = no governance on evil human behaviour to 99.9% of the population. You and I both know this is untrue as a result of taking initiative to educate ourselves.

For example, I don't go to the mall and injure others because I myself do not want to be injured and I simply respect other's space. My behaviour is governed, but not by threat of State violence.

I don't drive on the wrong side of the road because of State violence. I do so as the consequences of not doing so would likely end very badly for me. My behaviour is governed. If I *DID* drive on the wrong side of the road and injured myself, my insurance provider would not cover me. How would my family react if I became dependent on them for sustenance as a result of doing something stupid? There are *MASSIVE* consequences of being stupid.

So your smallest political quiz might have a little footnote at the end that says:

Note: No government != No governed human behaviour.

Otherwise, I like it. Too often these political quizzes attempt to pigeonhole people into, "What type of government would I like?" as opposed to, "There shouldn't be a government at all, therefore no political label applies to me."

Areté Praxis said...

The World's Shortest Political Quiz

Muahaha! =P

Anonymous said...

Mine is:

1) Do you believe anyone has a right to take your life, liberty or property by force?

2) Do you have the right to take someone else's life liberty or property by force?

Anonymous said...

How would you define government? That has alot to do with how one would answer the question. Even in a free market someone is 'governing' someone or somthing.

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My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at