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Monday, August 10, 2009

July AdBrite Summary

I made $5.03 from AdBrite in July, which is just barely more than the $5 minimum payout threshold. I had earned $4 in June (not enough to get paid), so I was over $5 anyway.

I had 12% fewer Absolute Unique Visitors in July compared with June, a decrease from 4293 to 3784. I've been mostly flat for a whole year now, in terms of number of readers.

My page eCPM rates went up, even though overall traffic went down. Is that a sign that the recession is ending? I read that, due to the recession/depression, online advertising rates had crashed.

I need 4x more regular readers to cover buying a Linode for $20/month. I need 1000x more regular readers before I could consider doing this as a job.

Right now, most of my energy is focused on my new job. After I recover my interpersonal freedom, I'm planning on expand from blogging to other things. I'm definitely going to conduct an experiment with "promote agorism via standup comedy" and practical agorism. That might take another year or two to get started.


MVT said...

Go for it !
Your appreciated

Dave Richards said...

adbrite pays pennies to publishers! i had an account with them, but I cannot bear to earn just about $10-15/month. I needed more money and I started affiliate marketing. Now I earn $800/month through affiliate marketing with clickbank products, and I advise that you too do the same and forget about PPC programs like adbrite. I am sure with the existing traffic, you will earn atleast $100/month on this blog!

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at