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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate Fnord

Another weird conspiracy theory has been circulating. It's "Obama never produced a valid birth certificate. Therefore, he isn't a legitimate President."

The bizarre thing is that the mainstream media itself is promoting this conspiracy theory.

I heard a State bureaucrat say "People with blogs write the stupidest things. This story about Obama's birth certificate is nonsense. We should pass a law restricting the ability of bloggers to write about whatever they want."

This issue distracts from the real issue, which is "The State has no legitimacy at all." Birth certificate or not, no politician has the authority to use violence to impose their will on others. No politician has the authority to steal via taxes.

Also, this conspiracy theory is an easily-debunked one. According to several sources, Obama really does have a birth certificate from Hawaii. Of course, such paperwork is easily forged, but Obama probably really is a US citizen by birth.

Are such conspiracy theories promoted as an evil fnord? People who are disgruntled with the State are attracted to these weird conspiracy theories, and distracted from the truth. Then, the mainstream media can say "All conspiracy theorists are fruitcakes." This allows the people saying "Obama has no birth certificate!" to be lumped together with those saying "Taxation is theft!"

It seems weird that this bizarre conspiracy theory is promoted by the mainstream media. It's probably an attempt to discredit all conspiracy theorists/factists.

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Antijingoist said...

It was the seed of "Obama is an illegitimate president that led me to the realization that "the government is illegitimate"

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