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Monday, August 24, 2009

Reader Mail #106

I liked this post on No Treason. That video is worth watching. It's an excellent illustration of productive/parasitic behavior.

The guy saying "Goldman Sachs' management are criminals!" has the productive personality type. The guy defending Goldman Sachs has the parasitic personality type. Notice the way the parasite speaks!

The parasite is a university professor. A university professor receives his salary directly or indirectly from the State, making him a pro-State troll. The parasite is arguing "Goldman Sachs made profit because they're brilliant businessmen." instead of "Executives at Goldman Sachs are economic terrorists."

Also notice how such shows always have to be "balanced". If you have one guy telling the truth, you also must also have another person spreading lies. This is better than usual, when both viewpoints are lies and presented as False Opposites.

I liked the bit "Paulson and Geithner are a greater threat to Americans than Osama bin Laden." If you compare "Property destroyed/stolen by financial industry insiders." to "Property destroyed by Osama bin Laden.", then the financial industry really is a bigger threat than al Qaeda.

I also liked DixieFlatline saying "Nobody has the balls to go on the mainstream media in the USA and criticize the State like this." I'm seriously considering "Promote agorism via standup comedy." Even if I tried that, it'd be very hard to get invited as a guest on a mainstream media program.

This article was an interesting piece of pro-State trolling. The author said "Rothbard is a fruitcake who believes 'Taxation is theft!' Rothbard is an unqualified hack." The author is a State-licensed philosopher.

This page had an interesting quote.

As J.L Menchin said, (paraphrase) "A democracy is an auction on stolen property".

This article was interesting. Disillusioned with the effectiveness of State police, a group of people are experimenting with a private police force. Naturally, State bureaucrats are doing everything they can to quash the business.

A private police force can't accomplish anything as long as you still pay tribute to the State. When the State steals more than 50% of everything you produce via taxes, it's hard to produce a private police force that's competitive with State police.

When the agorist counter-economy becomes more sophisticated, it might be practical to have a private police force strong enough to repel an ambush by State police. Once that becomes practical, the bad guys have lost.

Bas has left a new comment on your post "Reading Corporate History Via Subversion":

I didn't realize until I read the post you were talking about software subversion history, not psychological subversion.
Yes, I meant "subversion the source control system" and not "subversion psychological tactics".

It's amusing how much useful information is buried in a source control system. "Most of the software was written by people who no longer work there!" is a red flag. The job isn't super-awesome, but it's good enough for now.

I liked this thread on Everybody from Bureaucrash seems to have left for fr33agents. There was an interesting point.

Someone said that it's a waste of time trying to convince a die-hard statist. You're just wasting your energy. If someone already has some libertarian or anarchist tendencies, then it's more likely that you'll be able to convince them toward the philosophy of really free markets.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I Got a New Wage Slave Job!":

In the UK case law states that the employer only owns the copyright for work DIRECTLY ORDERED. Other case law states if the work is done at home, during the evenings or weekends it suggests the employee owns it. I found this information on the Internet, but my leafing through textbooks on law seems to confirm this.

I guess though you are working in the States where the law is different.
I live in the USA. Also in the USA, the law varies by individual state. In New York, the law very much favors the employer.

I always found it strange that there should be restrictions on what you do in the privacy of your own home on your own computer equipment. That someone can try to reach into your domain and steal the software you create.

The laws are written by the employers.

It's only a dispute if I create something *REALLY* valuable. If I create a personal website and only get 200 regular readers, my employer won't care. If I get 1M users, then there's an incentive for them to sue me and claim it's their property.

Essentially, my employer gets a free put option to sue me if I create something valuable while working there.

The reasoning is that, for an intellectual property worker, I could be thinking about my side project while at work. Then, my employer may claim it as their property.

Even so, there are loopholes. I could publish my personal project under a fake name like "FSK". I could wait until I switch jobs, wait a few months, and then publish it, claiming I developed it while unemployed. I could open source it, making it very hard for my employer to closed-source it again.

Anyway, my wage slave job is sucking up a lot of my time. I don't have time for personal projects. I barely have enough time to keep up with blogging.

Kiba has left a new comment on your post "Al Qaeda Fnord":

In an anarchistic sense, Al Queda terrorist cells threaten and undermine anarchy. They are in short, agents of chaos. They cause anomy by giving states their reasons for existence and thus create the hobbesian nightmare of man against every man.

War after all, is the health of the state no matter how ernastly Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War said about how evil and bad war is.

But then again, lot of anti-war commentary in fact comes from the military.

I don't get that bit. The bad guys *LIKE* Al Qaeda, because it gives them an excuse to claim more power and more resources.

There's a lot of evidence that these terrorists were formerly on the US government payroll.

My favorite joke in the "healthcare reform" debate is "To keep your medical expenses down, don't get sick!" The funny part is that's presented as serious advice. People aren't getting sick on purpose. The AMA licensing cartel makes health care artificially expensive.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What Exactly is Obama's Healthcare Reform Proposal...":

re: your RSS feed.

In Canada, you cannot sell private medical insurance for 'services' covered by the state. You CAN buy supplemental insurance to get yourself a nicer room and to cover expenses not covered by the state. This includes many ambulance rides, the 'co-pay' costs of most drugs, eye doctor visits, glasses and any non life-threatening dental work.

That's interesting. That's a loophole that allows wealthy people to get better treatment.

Any doctor CAN legally provide services covered by the state plan, but then is prohibited from receiving ANY money from the state for any medical services at all. Needless to say, it's just easier to move your practice to the USA than to deal with that. eg., if you accept $10 to put a bandaid on a scrape, you are immediately prohibited from receiving any state money and have to explain to any patient that they will have to pay for your services the state provides 'free' at other doctors. Any doctor trying this also is 'examined' ruthlessly by bureaucrats.

That's interesting. So wealthy people like Michael Jackson can still get their own personal private doctor. Everyone else is stuck with the State plan.

A doctor is required to work solely for the State, or not participate in the State plan at all. That sounds like a system ripe for abuse. Notice that system squeezes the middle class, who aren't wealthy enough to afford their personal doctors, but aren't able to purchase better care than that provided by the State plan.

The inherent wait times in the socialist system have been ruled unconstitutional in Quebec. So, private clinics are starting to appear. It's the only practical way to actually get yourself a family doctor. At the way things are going, in 5 years, Americans will be coming to private clinics up north as the system becomes privatized, as the state takes over the US system.

That's a good sign. Real progress would be agorist doctors, working without a State license. Unfortunately, that's too risky until there's a more advanced agorist counter-economy.

Of course no politician will acknowledge the system is being privatized. But, as soon as the US one is socialized, the pro-state, anti-American trolls will extol the virtues of Canada's private system.

FSK, if you're a programmer, why don't you move to Central America? My rent is $150/month w/hi-speed internet. A big bottle of beer cost $1.50 in a nice restaurant and I challenge anyone to eat $10 worth of restaurant food. It is impossible to eat $5 worth of grocery store food. Not because of quality, but because it's so cheap, and not full of steroids. $25 is a weeks worth of groceries easy. No house has air conditioning or heaters because they're unnecessary. Move every 180 days to a different country and be a 'permanent tourist' in the eyes of governments. Of course since you're American you have 10 years of IRS payments to make after renouncing citizenship, but by not financing state murder of aliens won't you sleep better?

For personal reasons, moving away from NYC is not an option for me right now. There's no evidence that another location would be more or less safe.

As I mentioned before, I'm stuck living with my parents for now, giving me practically zero freedom. I have to at least get my own apartment first, before I could seriously consider moving.

Yes, I pay more in rent living in NYC. However, I make more from my wage slave job. It's a tradeoff.

I may make plans for escape as the final collapse draws near.

On Big Brother 11 (USA version), the houseguest Chima was kicked off the show (or quit, depending on who you ask). "Big Brother 11 Chima quit" was a top search according to "Google search trends".

I'm offended that CBS picked stupid smart people on the "brains" team. Both Ronnie and Chima played like idiots. They had the "parasitic" personality type instead of the "abused productive" personality type.

"Smart people are stupid!" is a common evil fnord. If you're a productive worker and let parasites steal from you, then you really are stupid! In the USA, parasites are held as the role model, and not productive workers.

Someone shared "Who's the Richest Man in the World?" on StumbleUpon and it generated a lot of traffic. It was a brief spike. Usually, such spikes lead to an increase in my overall readership level.

I started posting on again. It's been reasonably successful at generating traffic for my blog.

On, there's a much greater discussion of anarcho-capitalism, agorism, or market anarchism. It's a big improvement compared to a year ago.

Has anyone else noticed that a lot more people are writing intelligently about market anarchism compared to a year or two ago? It isn't just on, but in many other places.

Joel Laramee has left a new comment on your post "Evil Gods and the State":

I am a Christian, and I am an anarchist (voluntaryist). When I say I am a Christian, I mean that I am a follower, or "disciple" of Jesus Christ. I do not mean much else-- i.e., nothing that you have said here about Christianity, really applies to me. If that means that you, or other people who wear the label "Christian", don't consider me a "real Christian", well, that's fine.

I believe that the correct understanding of what Jesus was about, what his essence was, all but disappeared not long after his death (certainly by 200 A.D. or so, at the very latest). And yes, you guess correctly, that I don't believe in God or Satan or Heaven or Hell or angels or demons, at least not in the "traditional" way.

I believe that Christians who know the truth about Jesus (and we are in the minority) have something to offer "atheist" anarchists. But I couldn't care less that you or anyone else denies the existence of God-- how could that possibly determine whether or not you are a good person?

I have taken a first stab at explaining my worldview (no "supernatural"), in this blog post of mine:
. For a long time I was afraid to be honest about this, but now that I am a voluntaryist, I am unashamed of my beliefs. What you see is what you get.

Great post, by the way! -Joel
I tried reading that post, and it seemed like incoherent gibberish. I can tell just from the content and style and overall logic if a post has interesting content or not. This is my "Conspiracy Smell" technique, which enables me to lead a lot of conspiracy-oriented websites and filter out the useful content from the nonsense and deliberate misinformation.

I'd judge people by their actions and not their beliefs. If I had an agorist business, I'd still accept you as a customer if I thought you were trustworthy.

Still, I'm very cautious about someone who says "Government is a massive criminal conspiracy!" without also considering "Christianity might be a bunch of lies!" The State and Christianity are closely related.

Another key component of Christianity is "People must be converted to Christianity!" This sounds a lot like invading a country to "spread democracy".

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Athletes vs. Doctors, Which is Overpaid?":

"Nurses don't have a strong union like doctors, so they're paid a lot less."

That would be true, except for the fact that it's illegal for doctors to unionize!

There is no doctor's union.
You're an idiot.

The AMA licensing cartel is effectively a union for doctors.

Membership in the AMA is not mandatory for doctors. All State-licensed doctors benefit from the licensing cartel, whether they're AMA members or not.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The SEC and Ken Lewis vs. You":

"The only way to boycott the financial industry is to use real money (gold and silver) and to stop paying income taxes."

Way ahead of you there, and I know about half a dozen other people who are as well. We use Fed notes wherever we have to, which is still a majority of our transactions, but we all trade in metals whenever we can, and we certainly don't file for or pay any income taxes. Even at this point the state is spread far too thin to catch even a sliver of that portion of the population that doesn't submit to its now-laughable attempts at regulation.

You should definitely forge ahead with that guy with the french name and start up a small gov't-resister insurance company.
Good for you, if you're ahead of me in practical agorism. For personal reasons, I won't be able to attempt practical agorism for a few more years. I need to recover my personal freedom first, and for that I need a wage slave job.

Do you mean Francois Tremblay? Actually, it's better if he sets up his business independently of me. This way, the only way the terrorists can end it is if they kidnap *BOTH* of us.

If I'm going to start an agorist business, it'd be with people living in the same city as me. Francois Tremblay does not live in NYC, so there's not much benefit to partnering with him.

That "tax resister insurance" discussion/proposal started from a post by Francois Tremblay on his own blog. He said "Tax resistance is easy! Everyone should be doing it!" My retort was "If you believe that to be true, then you should put your freedom where your mouth is and start a tax resister insurance business." I then wrote a more detailed post about how tax resister insurance would operate.

An agorist banking system is a prerequisite to operating a tax resister insurance business. The group selling tax resister insurance needs a safe place to store its capital.

"Tax resister insurance" is a good agorist business idea. It won't be a viable business until larger agorist trading groups form. Right now, people should focus on more basic tactics.

Just like the on-the-books economy bootstrapped itself over time, the agorist economy must bootstrap itself. Agorists should focus on low-risk high-reward activities first. "Tax resister insurance" is high-risk high-reward.

The biggest risk of running a tax resister insurance business is that terrorists would seize a copy of your customer list. Even if you keep no written records, the bad guys could spy on you for a year or two to figure out your partners.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Who's the Richest Man in the World?":

Here's a good rule of thumb. If you've heard someone publicly named, then they're not the Supreme Leader of Humanity. The insiders *REALLY* make sure that they're never mentioned in public.

Based on what I've read the Rothschild family has more power and influence than the Rockefellers.

Anybody you see in public is almost definitely a slave-puppet.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Man With Assault Rifle Says "Taxation is Theft!" O...":

I don't live in the US, but rather in a country which has a reputation as being more "socialist" and does have more free services.

I have been healthy and fit all my life and for a vast number of years paid taxes.

On one occasion only, I got sick and unfortunately I saw a bad doctor who didn't seem to care or maybe he wasn't that specialized in the area I was sick in. Or maybe the government issued guidelines making the doctor more uncaring.

That sounds a lot like my mistreatment at the hands of the psychiatry/death industry. I would have been better off with no treatment, than with the harmful drugs I was forced to take.

To cut a long story short, I ended up being ousted from my job and ended up living off my savings and having to pay privately for medical care.

So all my taxes were for nothing. Maybe I just fell through the cracks.

But all the laws, safeguards, public free services and social security all came to nothing for me.
That's one problem I've heard in many places. These "socialist State welfare programs" seem like a good deal when you're paying taxes to support them. Then, when you actually need them, you can't get a payout.

Antijingoist has left a new comment on your post "Obama's Birth Certificate Fnord":

It was the seed of "Obama is an illegitimate president that led me to the realization that "the government is illegitimate"
Maybe that story is serving a deeper purpose, by raising that issue.

There are all sorts of subtle hints, if you know where to look, that government is one massive scam.

MVT has left a new comment on your post "July AdBrite Summary":

Go for it !
Your appreciated

He's referring to my idea of "promote agorism via standup comedy". It's on my list of things to do, but it may wait a year or two.

Right now, all my energy is going towards my new wage slave job.

David_Z has left a new comment on your post "Who Wants to be a Thousandaire?":

$1M isn't enough to retire? Maybe not, but As long as you don't go wild buying boats and cars with the $600k (net taxes) it's enough to pay off all your debts (housing, student loans, cars, etc.) and have some left over, for most people. If you don't change your consumption, you can save/invest the remainder, and quit your rat-race job.

I estimate that I could live quite comfortably working part time for minimum wage, if I didn't have all those other bills to pay. And that would make practical agorism more attainable.

"$1M is enough seed capital for a business." is not the same as "It's enough to retire." All State-sanctioned investments yield a negative rate of return, when adjusted for true inflation.

My personal plan is to start some on-the-books and agorist businesses. Right now, there's just my blog, but I'm looking to expand into other things. My wage slave job takes a lot of time and energy, leaving little leftover.

Wes has left a new comment on your post "Where Did $700 Billion Go?":

"Somebody has to pay up, or current home owners will lose their houses."

Sounds ok to me. I already have my house to pay for, I don't know why I'm expected to pay for yours, too. (I think Rick Santelli already famously covered this.)

Rick Santelli's famous speech was a shill for the State.

The evil fnord is "Greedy individual speculators deserve to lose their houses and their savings. Insiders get a bailout." Bailing out the banksters, but not individual homeowners, is theft. Bailing out both groups is also theft.

House prices are too high and need to come down and should come down. Propping them up is just a transfer of wealth.

What a strange country we live in when people don't want to let the "free" market work.

The USA is not a free market. The USA is much closer to a Communist dicatorship than a free market.

Anybody who postponed buying a house during the bubble should get the perk of buying cheap now.

It's silly to say "The free market banking system failed in the housing bubble!", when there's a central bank credit monopoly. Central banks and free markets are opposite ideas.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Obama The Joker":

If I had my own comedy show or YouTube channel, I'd do a sketch about an interview with The Joker. The Joker would be complaining about how Obama totally outdid him, and he's embarrassed that he hasn't been able to destroy as much property as Obama. "My mother always told me that, if you want to steal or destroy trillions of dollars and hurt millions of people, you should become a Congressman or President. I was a fool for ignoring her advice."
You keep talking about stand-up comedy as promotion for agorism. This stuff just isn't funny.
It depends on the delivery. It'd be "alternative comedy", rather than traditional standup.

It's worth a try. The only way to find out is to conduct an experiment! I'm not going to quit my wage slave job until I have steady income from other sources.

The nice thing about "promote agorism via standup comedy" is that I can go to "open mike" nights once in awhile for entertainment.

Also, not everything I try will be super-awesome. If I make 50 YouTube videos and two of them are really popular, that's still pretty good. In order to have the occasional success, you need a lot of attempts.

That post received a decent number of citations elsewhere.

Kiba has left a new comment on your post "Obama The Joker":

The Joker is basically a Hayekian gone insane. However, he is wrong, because the basis of society is because most men are lawful rather than criminal.

If a society was mostly composed of criminals, it could not thrive or even survive in the face of an overwhelming powerful criminal enterprise people called the government and their cronies.

That's an interesting point. If *EVERYONE* was a skilled criminal, there's no way they'd let the government extortion racket steal from them.

Government exists because a lot of people assume that State enforcers have good intentions like they do.

The reality is that the most evil people are the ones who control the State. Under "color of law", their theft is legitimized.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Agorist Philosophy Overview":

This agorist economy might work, especially in third world countries where the government doesn't have too much high technology to monitor all individuals transactions.

Even in the USA, the bad guys don't have that much power. One key point is to use gold and silver as money, boycotting the State banking system. The State banking system has a rule where anyone who deposits or withdraws a lot of cash is flagged as a potential criminal.

another way to set it up is to create a secret society that believes in it , grow a large enough community then when the members are numerous enough (be sure to have members that are loyal and infiltrated in police, and government).

That's sort of how it would function. The problem is recruiting new people to the agorist counter-economy. There should be some low-risk services available to everyone, and high-risk services only available to trustworthy people.

Another possibility is that new members would be admitted only if a current member vouched for their trustworthiness.

Then cassively coordinate and begin implementing the agorist economy on a grand scale as a surprise attack to the established system. Better if the system takes a loong time to figure out what is going on.
Make sure it works and recruit new people to use agorist economy instead of being pawns of the red market. If the people feel that the agorist economy is more beneficiall to them and can survive with little risk compared to the benefits.
It might have a chance.

The only way to find out is to conduct an experiment! I'm looking to move towards practical agorism, rather than merely debating it.

daniel guimond has left a new comment on your post "Is Jon Stewart a Wimp?":

"There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them." -George Orwell

In many ways, a State education is really brainwashing.

JonCatalán has left a new comment on your post "Is Jon Stewart a Wimp?":

On the other hand, you could make the case that dropping the nuclear bomb was a better option than the other real alternative (real used in this case as "likely" and "realistic", when considering the government that was in power and government in general). The other alternative was a systematic carpet bombing of Japan, which would have resulted in even more deaths than the nuclear bomb had (and would have also led to a landing on the Japanese islands, which would have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives).

I'm sure that accepting Japan's conditional surrender (if that is true: I don't doubt it, but neither do I endorse it, since my area of expertise is the European Theater, not the Pacific Theater) would have been a better option than the above two, but I think that the nuclear bomb was not the worst of all possibilities. It was certainly not the worst of the most likely routes the government would have taken without having the nuclear bomb at its disposal (or had Japan not agreed to surrender after the bombs were dropped).

I guess you could make a case against the above argument by claiming that the nuclear bombs did not ultimately impact the Japanese enough to catalyze the surrender. The surrender came due to other reasons. I have read this, although I don't know too much about it (or have forgotten why). And so, ultimately, a possible rejection of the above defense of the use of nuclear bombs was that they were eventually ineffective.
You sound like someone who's spent too much time receiving a State-backed history education/brainwashing.

Master Doh-San has left a new comment on your post "Is Jon Stewart a Wimp?":

"Never apologize or explain. Your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't accept it anyway." -- Mark Twain

That's a good point. Apologies are ultimately irrelevant. The people who understand, already would anyway. You aren't going to convince idiots.

If only State brainwashing centers spent as much time teaching Lysander Spooner as they spend teaching Mark Twain! Mark Twain sometimes said "Congress is a bunch of crooks!", but he doesn't go all the way and say "Government is not legitimate! Government is one big scam!"

starsailor has left a new comment on your post "Predator/State vs. Prey/Agorist":

There's a book i think you would like: Political Ponerology by Polish psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski. Himself and other researchers stumbled upon humanity's natural predator while studying psychology in countries fallen victim to totalitarianism: Communist Poland and other eastern European countries behind the Iron Curtain.

They found that a statistically constant 6% of any given population are psychopaths - quite literally, a subspecies. The numbers involved are far higher than we've been led to believe, in part - as Lobaczewski points out - because psychopaths 'gravitate' towards power and positions of social influence. . . not least as educators and 'authorities' in the field of psychology!

The effect this subspecies has on the rest of the population varies in accordance with many factors. It's ultimately inevitable that all societies succumb to their pathological influence. Lobaczewski and co. examine the dynamic in terms of the development of disease: a body-politic becomes infected, undergoes stages of illness, then recovers as immunity is acquired.

Really? 6%? That seems pretty high. I estimated it a 1%. 50% of the population has the parasitic personality type, but only around 1% has the "truly dangerous psychopath" personality type.

I haven't done a full statistical analysis. It's based on a sample of the places I worked. In the financial industry, which is completely divorced from productive activity, I'd expect to see a greater percentage of psychopaths than in the general population.

A business can't have 100% psychopaths, because then nothing would get done! There needs to be a carefully calibrated mix of parasites and productive workers.

Fortunately, none of my current coworkers have the severely parasitic personality type, although some are mildly parasitic.

There's also the opposite of the parasite, which is someone who tries to always do the right thing. Regrettably, those people are suffering from a huge handicap of their pro-State brainwashing and the parasites around them. These abused proudctive workers are The Remnant.

Bird Toys has left a new comment on your post "The "Cash for Clunkers" Disaster":

A horrible program that will only give a slight boost to the economy and be short lived.
It's still a net loss. It's boosting sales at car companies. There's an unseen cost in the rest of the economy.

Never forget the "Seen vs. Unseen" fallacy!

The overall size of "Cash for Clunkers" is negligible compared to the other trillions of dollars in bailouts, but it still counts.

In my wage slave job, I still find the overall experience amusing. At a cost of a couple million dollars, they managed to build a website with 10x as many readers as my blog.

I have doubts about whether they will ultimately be profitable. At least I can keep their software working. It's a "good enough for now" job.

Even though my boss is silly sometimes, I comply with his demands and write software that runs.

fritz has left a new comment on your post "Obama's Approval Rating Falls Below 0%":

Interesting point FSK. Another thing to note is that the more government assistance they can get people to accept, the more these people wrongly feel that they need the government to support them.

Its like the government is buying peoples support with the indirect approach. I just always wonder what it is going to take to wake the people up. Do I just have to sit and wait for them to have their coffee. Or can I throw them in a cold shower and shake them a bit!!

There's nothing you can do. If someone's career depends on them being stupid, then they will be stupid.

The best you can do is to start boycotting the State via agorism.

Master Doh-San has left a new comment on your post "Obama's Approval Rating Falls Below 0%":

"The government that will rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul." -- G. B. Shaw

Even better is when the government robs Peter to pay Paul, robs Paul to pay Peter, and convinces both of them they're getting a good deal!

fritz has left a new comment on your post "Cash for Clunkers Economics":

I am wondering if they sell the cars you trade in or scrap them. I would imagine they are sold at the car auction and if so they would just end up on the streets again.

They're supposed to scrap the cars.

It'd be cool if a car dealer was supposed to be scrapping the cars but was secretly selling them instead.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone has figured out a way to exploit that loophole.

Another amusing bit is that some car dealers wound up making an interest-free loan to the government. They gave car buyers an immediate credit, but now are waiting to be reimbursed by the "Cash for Clunkers" program.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "Cash for Clunkers" Disaster":


What a car-load of horse shite

Kiba has left a new comment on your post "The "Cash for Clunkers" Disaster":

It is also an asset destruction program.

They destroy perfectly good engines and make it like impossible to build rebuilt engines.

Or so I heard.

So if it is all true, in addition to what you said. This program is pretty damn evil.

I heard that it's hurting the used car market. Prices for used cars are rising, because the cheapest used cars are turned in for the credit.

The "Cash for Clunkers" program hurts people who want to buy a cheap used car.

Liberty Tiger has left a new comment on your post "Evidence of the AMA Licensing Conspiracy":

Medical schools have stringent admissions standards that relate mainly to achieving a "diverse student body" rather than actually selecting the candidates with the most potential to be great doctors. These MD recruits are then put through a maze of bureaucratic hoops to secure their slots in school, including receiving federal funding or loans. When they make it through school they have to do a residency, a sort of indentured servitude where they're subjected to long hours, an overload of patients, and inferior resources. I don't know why anyone would subject themselves to this process, only to owe hundreds of thousands of student loans with the liability of medical malpractice lawsuits looming over their heads. I think most doctors live paycheck to paycheck just like the rest of us.

It varies. If you're an honest doctor, it's not that lucrative when you consider the cost of the education.

If you're an honest doctor and realize you've been cheated, it's too late. You've already invested many years and a ton of money on your State license.

The most profitable doctors are the ones that milk Medicare/Medicaid. If you get $100 per Medicare patient, and you can see 20 of them in an hour, that's very profitable! There's an economic incentive for doctors to spend as little time as possible on each patient.

If you want to make money as a doctor, you have to "churn patients", seeing as many as you can in a short period of time and milk the Medicare/Medicaid/insurance payments.

During the entirety of their medical training the students are given very little information about nutrition, exercise, and alternative (not drug, non surgical) therapies. Despite their efficacy and low cost, chiropractic, midwifery, and homeopathy are just a few of the practices that are taboo among the MD (allopath) community. The lesson taught to the students is "protect and defend the cartel at all cost" regardless of what the research says.
They aren't explicitly taught to protect the cartel. It's an implied hidden assumption.

Also, alternate medicines are declared illegal. In many states, midwifes are now regulated and/or banned.

When the doctors graduate from school and complete their residency they're fully indoctrinated. The problem is, most people take their doctors advice with very little skepticism. Just like an auto mechanic, a doctor has a financial interest in the course of treatment they recommend. It's up to us as consumers to fully vet those recommendations, but with a third-party single payer system their is very little incentive for a consumer to do their due diligence.

It was hard to for me realize "My psychiatrist is full of ****!" It was even harder to convince my parents to let me stop taking the harmful drugs.

My mother has been brainwashed "FSK must take a pill in order to get better!" She compensates for this by giving me lots of vitamins. They aren't harmful or have negligible effect, so I go along with it. The biggest factor in my recovery is that I'm still gradually cracking my pro-State brainwashing. Every month or two, I start noticing things I didn't notice before.

As a voluntaryist, it's my responsibility to take care of my body. I eat balanced meals, stay away from pharmaceuticals, artificial food additives, and other chemical agents. I exercise regularly. It's important to me to demonstrate my commitment to libertarian principles by caring for my most important possession, my body.

I should get more exercise. Regrettably, I spend most of my time in front of a computer. I should investigate alternate careers where I'd be physically active. Maybe I should learn to manufacture and repair things. Standup comedy would be better than sit-down software engineer.

CorkyAgain has left a new comment on your post ""Audit the Federal Reserve!" - Not Gonna Happen":

I *tried* to unsubscribe from the Ron Paul mailing lists, but there are a few I can't seem to get rid of.

One is called the AMERICAN UNDERGROUND NETWORK, in all caps just like that. I keep getting email from them, inviting me to join a "National Collective Conscious Conference Call." To an individualist like me, that sounds like an invitation to join the pod people.

There is no unsubscribe header on their email, nor can I find any other instructions on unsubscribing. I eventually gave up and wrote a procmail rule to send their stuff to /dev/null. Still, it's annoying as hell that I can't get my name off their list. I wish I'd never spent any time in the Ron Paul forums or the Meetup groups.

If you use gmail, mark it as spam. Gmail's anti-spam filter is pretty good. There are very few false positives and very few false negatives.

Another way is to setup mail filters on your own server, which is what you did.

I still keep up the subscriptions for amusement.

On, people are moving towards anarchism. On the Ron Paul lists, most people still seem to think "If we vote for Ron Paul (or people like him), then our problems will be solved!" It's amusing, pathetic, and annoying.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "Cash for Clunkers" Disaster":

Part of the agenda is to destroy all cars that aren't bugged and can't be remotely monitored/shut down.

I doubt "bug everyone's car" is a reasonable or achievable goal. Enough people have technical ability that such a plan would be discovered.

That reminds me of an amusing story. Great Britain was pursuing the leader of the IRA. However, they didn't know what car he used. Their solution was to bug *EVERY SINGLE CAR* imported into Ireland. Apparently, that worked.

Maybe it is possible to bug every single car? If you're going to do that, why stop there? Put a small bug in every piece of furniture, every article of clothing, and every electronic deivce?

At some point, it's impractical to filter through the large volume of information.

I got another huge boost of StumbleUpon traffic for "The Bittorrent Economy" and "Water Powered Cars and Zero Point Energy". It seems that, if someone shares/stumbles your blog, then you get approximately 70 readers.

I've been falling behind on answering reader comments. I'll try to catch up later!

If I didn't answer a comment, I'll try to get to it next time.


CorkyAgain said...

Actually, the quote is from H. L. Mencken, not J. L. Menchin, and it goes as follows:

An election is an advance auction of stolen goods.

The fact that it's an advance auction is important. The idea is that the politician is promising to steal stuff from someone else and share some of the loot of you. His opponent is making the same promise, only he promises to be even more generous with the loot.

CorkyAgain said...

Oops, I missed a typo. I meant to say that the politician promises to share some of the loot *with* you, not *of* you.

But maybe "of" you is still correct, since he's promising to share some of what he's going to steal *from you*.

Reminds me of the medieval lords who would toss some golden coins to the poor and get praised for it. Never mind how they got the money in the first place...

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