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Friday, August 21, 2009

An Excellent Example of Parasitic Behavior

I saw this YouTube Video, and my reaction was "ROFLMAO!" I only watched the first minute, but it was pretty funny and pathetic at the same time.

The poster claims to be debunking Stefan Molyneux's arguments. He seemed to be arguing "There is not an absolute universal standard of truth."

Watch the video carefully! The speaker has the *EXACT SAME* tone and body language as Stefan Molyneux. However, if you listen to the logic of what he's actually saying, it's incoherent gibberish.

It seems that the speaker was carefully studying Stefan Molyneux and then mirroring his body language, while ignoring the logic of what he's saying.

That's exactly the techniques that parasites use. They mirror the tone and body language of someone intelligent, but their logic is incoherent gibberish.

The poster has comments saying "Yeah, that Stefan Molyneux is such a jerk!", exactly the same as I get comments saying "Yeah! The State really is evil!" In this manner, the parasite doesn't receive feedback that he is a fool. (You might have the same criticism with me for driving pro-State trolls away from my blog. I deal with pro-State trolls enough in other contexts. I don't have to worry about not being exposed to stupid ideas. Recently, I read part of the NY Times, looking for fnords.)

It's also interesting that the speaker claims to be an anarchist (based on his T-shirt). Just because you identify yourself as an anarchist, doesn't mean you aren't a fool!

It's like you have two different groups of people speaking completely different languages. One group is sane, and the other group is insane. Each group claims that their members are sane and the other group is insane.

The only way to settle this dispute is via an experiment with practical agorism. Idiots like the guy speaking in that video won't be convinced no matter what you do. If the pro-State trolls and the agorists form two separate economic systems operating side-by-side, which one will be more productive?

There are valid criticisms of Stefan Molyneux, but that isn't what the speaker is emphasizing. My criticisms of Stefan Molyneux are:

  1. His videos are too long. He uses a lot of words for simple ideas.
  2. He doesn't emphasize the importance of a corrupt taxation system, especially the income tax.
  3. He doesn't emphasize the importance of a corrupt monetary system.
  4. He doesn't emphasize agorism as a strategy for defeating the State.
Maybe the speaker in that video really is an anarchist. I have no idea what points he was trying to actually make. The important point is that his body language was that of an intelligent person, but his logic was incoherent gibberish.


fritz said...

I read you everyday FSK.. With out fail.... Your blog to me is like a dose of truth, that keeps me in resonance with my desire to keep free of state hypnoses.

Thank you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The speaker has the *EXACT SAME* tone and body language as Stefan Molyneux.

Nonsense! Have you ever watched a video of Molyneux? This kid was dry and monotonous and reading directly from his computer screens. Molyneux's speech is extemporaneous (unless quoting a reader email for response or some statistic to further a point) and he's an animated speaker.

I don't always agree with him, but let's stick to the facts here. This kid's style is nothing like Molyneux's(?).

Stefan Molyneux, MA said...

Yo, you should bring up these criticisms on one of my Sunday shows, 4pm EST - I have done a number of vids on the corruption of the money supply, perhaps you have not seen them? :)

Phil said...

Oh totally call in! I've listened to that Sunday show with Stefan and its really interesting. That would be really fun to hear you (clearly a great thinker) debate with Stefan (clearly a great thinker)! Let me know if you decide to do it...

Kyle said...

So do you agree with Molyneux?

What's Molyneux's position on morality?

Anonymous said...

He's just a young kid, maybe you should give him a break.

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