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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should Michael Vick be Allowed to Return to the NFL?

I mentioned before that, according to natural law, Michael Vick didn't actually commit a crime. Dogs are a lower life form than humans. Their legal status is the same as other physical property. Saying "It's illegal for me to abuse my dog!" is the same as saying "It's illegal for me to buy a shirt and then tear it up!"

Is it immoral to breed purebred dogs? That is damaging, because it leads to genetically transmitted diseases. Is it immoral to have your dog spayed or neutered? That's probably a very damaging experience for the dog. If you believe "Dogfighting is abuse!", then many of the other things that happen to most dogs is also abuse. If you believe "Dogfighting is abuse!", then you should also believe that it's immoral to eat meat. However, it's natural to eat meat as food. That's the advantage of being on top of the food chain!

It's silly to be concerned about the rights of dogs when almost all the humans are brainwashed slaves. Most people subconsciously know "I am a slave!" They will support a law saying "Don't abuse dogs!", because they really mean "Don't abuse me!" If you have the "abused productive" personality type and get a dog, then your dog will take the "parasite" role and your dog will be the pack leader!

Is there any way to prevent someone from operating a dogfighting ring without a government? No, there isn't. If they operate it in secret and don't tell anyone, then there isn't anything you can do about it. Dogs have the legal status of property. A dog can't sue his owner for abusing him.

The Federal government probably spent millions of dollars investigating Michael Vick, prosecuting him, and then jailing him. What right do State police have to steal from me via taxes, and then use the proceeds to enforce stupid laws?

It's in the best interests of a State enforcer to invent as many crimes as they can. By having many behaviors classified as crimes, that leads to justifying an increase in the size and power of the government.

If you do find dogfighting offensive, then you do have the right to say "I won't watch football games when Michael Vick plays!" or "I won't allow Michael Vick into my home or business!" It's problematic, because how are you going to find out in the first place what he was doing?

Another important point is that the dogfighting ring was unlicensed gambling. The State has a monopoly over licensing gambling. "Gambling without permission from the State" is another "victimless crime".

The NFL commissioner is making a big deal out of "Michael Vick has to show that he's sincerely sorry, before I allow him to return to the NFL." Even assuming that "Dogfighting is really a crime!", then this attitude is stupid. Michael Vick already served his jail term for his "crime". After that, there's no reason to continue punishing him.

The NFL has a State-backed monopoly. Due to State restriction of the market, it's very hard to form a new football league. The rules of a corrupt economic system protect incumbent businesses from challengers.

The NFL's State football monopoly makes the NFL commissioner a State employee. Fulfilling his role as a State bureaucrat, the NFL commissioner must further punish players who commit a crime. By saying "Michael Vick must get permission from me before returning to the NFL!", the NFL commissioner is acting like a State bureaucrat or judge.

Michael Vick can't go around saying "I got a raw deal! Dogfighting isn't really a crime! This law is illegitimate!" If he did that, then the State would have a problem. Instead, Michael Vick has to get on his knees and say "The State's authority is legitimate!", if he wants to play in the NFL again.

Michael Vick can't say "**** you NFL!" If he wants to play as a professional football player, his only choice is to play in the NFL. (He could play in the CFL, but salaries there are much lower than in the NFL.)

When Michael Phelps was caught smoking marijuana, he had to say "Sorry, I did something wrong!" instead of "The State's man of marijuana is illegitimate!" If he told the truth, then he'd lose all his endorsement deals. Celebrities play an important role in maintaining the Matrix. Whenever they are caught breaking the State's arbitrary rules, they must beg for forgiveness and acknowledge the legitimacy of the State.

The State is God. The God of Christianity demands that his worshipers obey his arbitrary rules, and apologize whenever they make a mistake. Similarly, the State makes arbitrary rules and demands apologies from offenders. Those are the actions of an insane god and not a real god.

Suppose I were arrested for tax evasion. If I told the judge "Your authority is illegitimate!", he will deal with me much more harshly than if I said "Sorry! I made a mistake! I'll do better next time!" If I tell a judge "Your authority is illegitimate!", then he can have me jailed indefinitely for "contempt of court". The judge would hold me as his prisoner until I apologized. Even if I were convicted of a crime for practicing tax evasion, that wouldn't make me acknowledge the legitimacy of the State.

Demanding an apology is stupid. You should do what you think is right. If you make a mistake, then you should suffer the consequences and move on. Obsessing with apologies is a symptom of pro-State brainwashing. If you commit a serious crime, then an apology does not justify it. An apology is the way that a slave acknowledges the legitimacy of his master's authority. Delayed punishment tactics are a type of brainwashing techniques, and demanding an apology is a form of delayed punishment.

I always thought that aspect of Christianity was stupid. "All humans are intrinsically evil. It's inevitable that you will do bad things. If you do bad things, then it's all right. All you have to do is believe in God/State and ask for forgiveness, and your sins are forgiven." That viewpoint means that it's perfectly acceptable to do bad things. I once asked "If a serial killer repents just before being executed, does he get into heaven?" The answer was "Yes!"

I expect that Michael Vick will play in the NFL again. He still owes the Falcons money, because he had to repay his signing bonus after he was jailed. Also, it would seem too obviously unfair if he were barred from playing in the NFL. The important thing is that nobody questions whether the State's laws are good or evil. Michael Vick will kowtow to the State and get another chance to play in the NFL.


Mathias said...

I'm usually in complete agreement with you FSK, but I disagree with your likening the God of Christianity to the State.

I am an Anarchist and an Agorist. I'm also a Christian. I believe that my only authority is God.

I willingly (voluntarily) acknowledge that authority. I do what God commands because I love Him and believe that He loves me and has my best interest in mind.

I do not love the State and the State does not love me. The State does not have my best interest in mind. The State is not forgiving or even just.

Likening the God of Christianity to the State is a mistake. I can recommend more Christian Anarchist reading, if you are interested.

Otherwise, I completely agree with your analysis of Vick's situation.

fritz said...

If you want to see just how consciously evolved a person is. Just observe what they do for fun.

Any mature conscious person would not participate in dog fighting. The senseless maiming of sentient beings is not considered entertainment.

This is just another attempt of government to legislate morality. Instead of raise consciousness levels within its citizenry. The raise in consciousness would eliminate animal abuse but also the government itself.


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