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Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama's Health Care Plan and The Matrix

Hearing this quote by Obama made me think "WTF?" Here's a source.

"If there's a blue pill and a red pill, and the blue pill is half the price of the red pill and works just as well, why not pay half for the thing that's going to make you well?"

It was interesting to see both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report making fun of this quote. Only Stephen Colbert got "The Matrix" reference. That just goes to show that, if you want serious coverage of the news, you only need to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (and read my blog).

I don't know who's writing speeches for Obama. Are they intentionally making him look stupid?

I saw the clip of the "Henry Louis Gates" question from his health care press conference. It was obviously staged. One specific reporter was asking about Henry Louis Gates. Obama knew about the question, and he saved that question for the end. Even Jon Stewart was saying "OBAMA, YOU IDIOT!! YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID 'I'LL WAIT UNTIL I HAVE ALL THE FACTS'!!" That was on Thursday, before the mainstream media propaganda engine started supporting the policeman's version of the story.

With the Henry Louis Gates embarrassment, the healthcare "reform" boondoggle, and the "carbon tax" disaster, it seems that Obama is being set up to look like an idiot.

For anyone who's watched "The Matrix", the blue pill is the one you take if you want to stay stupid and ignorant. The red pill is the one you take if you want to know the truth.

Obama is saying that the blue pill is only half the price of the red pill. That's an illusion. Staying ignorant superficially seems attractive. In the long run, you're better off knowing the truth, even though it hurts initially.

I can't believe that Obama's speechwriters used the "red pill/blue pill" analogy, and used it in a way that makes Obama seem stupid. Are Obama's speechwriters intentionally telling Obama to offer people the blue pill?

Another interesting point is that anti-psychotic drugs are literal blue pills. The color of the pill is blue!

The whole "health care reform" debate is one big evil fnord. The key issue is never discussed.

The answer to "Why is healthcare expensive?" is "There is a conspiracy between the AMA and the government to artificially restrict the supply of doctors' licenses. By restricting the supply of doctors' licenses, this guarantees that doctors will always get high salaries and that there will be a shortage of doctors. Further, the FDA regulates what treatments are permissible and the health insurance industry is heavily regulated. This further drives up costs."

If you discuss the healthcare problem without saying "Restrictive licensing requirements for doctors is evil!", then you are pro-State trolling. I'm offended that no mainstream discussion of the healthcare problem addresses this issue. Any mainstream discussion of the healthcare problem has as a hidden assumption "State licensing requirements for doctors are good!"

Whenever I suggest to a friend, relative, or coworker "Restrictive licensing requirements for doctors are evil!", they react with extreme hostility. That's a symptom of massive pro-State brainwashing. They don't think about my point logically. Their brain shuts down and they get hostile.


fritz said...

There is 1 major factor about American medicine that most all Americans fail to understand.

Drugs have no healing power at all. Drugs only mask symptoms and Don't promote a cure. Doctors are drug sales people (albeit legal). Their prime dictum is to make their patents feel better and sell drugs.

I will say that necessary surgery and vital procedures are extremely valuable. And maybe antibiotics at critical times.

The only systems that provide actual healing of the patent are , natural medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.

Past that, medical Doctors just sell drugs to make money and provide huge profits for the pharmaceutic industry.

If people could only take the red pill ( which would be extremely over priced and and put money in the pharmaceutic industries hands). They would realize how we have been manipulated.

Maybe we could go to the acupuncturist and get the red needle instead.


CorkyAgain said...

That's a symptom of massive pro-State brainwashing. They don't think about my point logically. Their brain shuts down and they get hostile.

You've touched on something interesting here: the way so many people nowadays substitute anger for a reasoned defense of their position.

In many cases it's as you say. They've been brainwashed and your questioning threatens to expose the falsehoods at the bottom of their "reality". They've been conditioned to avoid any close examination of those falsehoods. They know, subconsciously, that if they go there, they're going to get shocked.

But in many other cases, something more conscious and deliberate is going on. They've only been simulating the behavior of educated, thoughtful people -- as a way to get ahead or gain the respect of the circles in which they run. They haven't actually worked out for themselves the logic of the positions they espouse, but they have learned how to mimic the language and behavior of those who have. When you question someone like this, they probably see it as threatening to expose them as the frauds that they are. So, to avoid having to deal directly with your question, and thereby demonstrate their competence (or lack of it), they attack *you*.

At best, you're "too negative" or "not a team player". At worst, you're a "racist", a "hater" or some other kind of "-phobic".

Sometimes, you're just "paranoid" or "a conspiracy nut".

In their minds, this ad hominem response is justified, because they see your impertinent question as an attack on themselves, not their ideas. It doesn't matter how you phrased your questions, or how well you backed them up with facts and argumentation. The only thing that matters (to them) is their own insecurity and their need to avoid exposure. They must and will do everything they can to contain and control the situation. They cannot risk letting the chips fall where they may.

Realtor from Toronto said...

Obama's speeches seemed to be well aimed at the start. Remember his speech from Berlin? My best guess is he was trying to repeat the success of the Kennedy speech.

Whoever wrote that speech with the two pills for him simply made a mistake and didn't pay attention when watching Matrix and simply confused the red with the blue.

The movie is well known mainly by the generation that's between 20 and 30 years of age and I'd say he was trying aim at them.

Thanks to the author for a sensible reading.

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